The knife angel, Gloucester cathedral, our boiler broke down, very cold.

It’s been a while, but it’s also been a bit manic.

We did however manage to go see the knife angel, it was created after an artist was brought in to build something to commemorate the victims of knife crime, after the big knife amnesty.

It was striking to see and made you think if these are the ones handed in, how many weren’t?

These past couple of weeks have been mental, again.

Our boiler broke down, and we had a few let downs with some of the boiler people, and I’ve been working away at the main depot for work, which has been nice and different but damn mind numbing.

OK so 1st off, a couple of Saturdays ago, our boiler decided to just stop working, we got it replaced Wednesday just gone, with Ā£2500 less in our pockets.

We made countless calls and sent unimaginable emails, 90% of them just ignored us and blanked us or couldn’t even be arsed to reply.

The rest of the 9% were fucking jobs worths, to the point we just said enough, way too difficult to deal with.

The 1% was very very helpful (keep reading, you will see why).

We found a plumber, he came out, and said yeah it’s broken.

He quoted for this and that, then we said just replace it, fuck it.

He then sent a proper quote “off the books to make it cheaper” (in the end we found someone to do it on the books for the same price), we found out the bloke could have made like Ā£800 profit just for a few hours work, yes it took the plumber 5 hours to replace the whole boiler and new pipes and fit the hive thing (you know the thing that helps control shot through the wifi) and all for the same price of the original guy (who we also found out was going to fit a boiler unsuitable for our home.

We needed a 16 kW or 18 kW boiler, but he was going to fit a 24 kW boiler (which would have doubled our bills) tosser.

We were also waiting for days for him to reply to us, so his loss, we found someone who gave us a quote over the phone, gave us a date to do it, and he could register the boiler properly, because he wasn’t “off the books”.

The poor bloke was even on his holidays, and still sorted it out for us, he got back on the Monday and popped round straight after he got off the plane, to just check everything was OK before he started the work on Wednesday.

Now that’s a top notch person I don’t mind investing in.

So, as you can probably imagine, his number got saved and he will definitely be our regular plumber in future (hopefully not too regular).

For the week and half of pure coldness (just so happened, the weather turned cold, just as the boiler broke) we were using electric blankets, hot water bottles and little heaters, to stay warm.

You don’t actually realise how much we rely on heating, we take advantage of it, well its always there isn’t it? Until it isn’t.

So here’s a little tip, get your boilers serviced yearly, preferably during autumn, before it gets cold. It’s worth it, it may seem like a lot of money just to service something that is working, but it’ll save the big bucks in the long run (also helpful to keep putting a bit of spare cash away for desperate times).

Also this week I’ve been spending a bit of time up the main depot, mostly doing PDIs (pre delivery inspections) pretty much checking trucks are all good to go, and adding all the added extras.

Pretty much like a production line, but not, it’s been interesting and I’ve learned a little, but boring because every job has been the same.

So that’s how my past couple of weeks have been, and it’s been busy, how have you all been?

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  1. Sounds like a crazy experience Rob but I am happy you got it fixed. Good tip on getting service during milder autumn months before the deep freeze and heavy boiler usage sets in. This is one reason why we became full-time nomads; we lost a taste for the cold weather after dealing with sometimes bitterly cold New Jersey winters for 3 decades. Super pictures you snapped, too.


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    • Thank you dude, it was an experience that is better seen at night, due to the lights obviously, but very thought provoking.

      Yeah it was an experience I do not want to repeat, I’m usually not a stranger to the cold, due to being a HGV mechanic, but cold at home where it is supposed to feel warm and cosy was just not nice.
      It was very difficult to actually get someone to get back in touch with us and sort out a date, and it took a real man to answer our urgent calls whilst he was on holiday with his family to save the day.
      The only “help” out there was for people on benefits and stuff (in my experience, most on benifits are benifit cheats, not the actual needy, so no offence on those who actually do fit into the genuine benifit requirements), which is very disappointing, the hard working class people have to continue to make ends meet.
      Thank you for your comment Ryan.


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