My name is Rob, I’m 35 years old and a father of 2, I’m a HGV technician (posh way of saying – heavy goods vehicle mechanic) and I will be doing my best to entertain you every day or as much as time will allow, I’m not a professional writer so nothing will be perfect, I’m also in the process of writing a book, and looking I to doing some freelance writing, if the chance comes up.

I’m also looking for people who want to do a guest blog, be it a one off blog or a part time thing, get in Contact with me on my contacts page, shortcut here Contact page shortcut

I will be doing blogs about anything that tickles my fancy, if you want to see anything specific don’t hesitate to get in touch, I will do my best as I’m not a journalist but I will aim to please and do research if necessary.

My blogs will be about me personally, my personal experiences, and work and just life in general. I am also hoping to expand and possibly do interviews of everyday people, not because I’m nosey but have you ever wandered “what is that persons story?”, or “how did this person get here or there?”, or maybe even “where is that person going?, what are they doing?”, and most importantly “why is that person the way they are”, you see everybody has a story, and that person you just flipped off, because they walked into you or cut you up on the road may have a very reasonable explanation why they are in a rush, for eg. they may be rushing to the hospital because someone they love is hurt or they are about to have a baby and they work hard away from their family and don’t want to miss the birth or their child. I mean come on we have all been an asshole from time to timeeven me.

I’ve done a couple vlogs on YouTube so far, with more to come here a link to my YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCT90LckK4sluusw9yEHFxjQ so who knows what the future holds, I’ve done loads of blogs so far so check them out, basically I just want to leave my mark in the world, at 35 years old I feel I’ve not really done much in life but when looking back I realise I’ve done my fair share. But that’s for the blogs, I’m not giving everything away before I do my blogs. My blogs will be personal, funny, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, emotional, maybe even outrageous and sensitive but I promise to do my best to entertain and ill post as much as I can as I’m just like you an every day PLAIN AND SIMPLE GUY

Disclaimer these blogs/stories may or may not be 100% true, therefore they will not stand up in a court of law as evidence (Or disciplinary meeting/hearings at place of work). No criminal acts were followed through in the making of these blogs/stories, and persons mentioned in these blogs/stories may or may not exist. No persons/animals/vehicles or feelings were hurt or injured in the making of these blogs/stories (and you cant prove it). These blogs/stories are for entertainment purposes only and do not condone any illegal/inappropriate behaviour NO MATTER HOW FUNNY IT MAY BE….. JUST SAYIN.

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