We are f#cked, country wide strike required?

Cost of living is becoming extortionate. It is becoming a joke, fuel prices are fucking ridiculous, energy prices are a joke, and the cost of a weekly/monthly food shop is dumber than dumb. It comes to something when even a normal full time working person/family are struggling month to month. How do we solve this?… Read More ›

A brush with Indian Art

I have never been to India, though that far off country fascinates me. Like us, India too is a democracy- the largest democracy, say some, going by their population. I have many Indian friends who now have made the UK their own home. Through them I do keep learning about their country – their monuments,… Read More ›

My life, my rules, becoming me my way.

Wow, only a week left and everything changes. Literally only a week left till I leave, quiet literally leave everything behind, a week left until my new life starts. I’m shitting bricks, so freaking nervous and anxious I can’t even explain. Ok so I say leave everything behind, there are a couple of things I’m… Read More ›


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