Not everything is as it seems, or is it? Talking conspiracy theories, like my sh*t.

Can you believe everything you see?

Not everything is always as it seems, you only ever see what others want you to see.

Even those doing you a “favour” or “helping” you may have potential personal gain.

For example, someone only helping you to look like the good guy, or to hold you in debt “I helped you fix your car, so you have to help me”.

Everything come with conditions these days, even from the most pure of heart people.

Take this war in Ukraine for example, let’s say we were conspiracy theorists for a second, just for the record I’m not, and maybe your not too but go with me on this right?

Like with most wars, there’s pawns, which are always moved round by the players, theres always something to gain for all involved, am I right? Of course I am. (This is my blog afterall)

The middle east wars were over OIL, yes I said it. There’s no 2 ways about it, or was it to liberate the people from oppression and tyranny, maybe even to find WMD.

Funny that, considering North Korea have been testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons for many many moons now yeah? Why haven’t they been stopped, considering the country is run by a tyrant and a big adult baby fucktard. Think about that for a while.

Then amongst other wars (in our time), the west and allies have gone into countries, to help the “people”, then ran away because they have done all they can do and failed.

Well you can’t help everyone right? There’s only so much you can do. So they end up helping rebels, by sending weapons and aid etc. Or helping the officials against rebels. Then get the blame for fucking up other countries. Fair? Maybe, maybe not.

Now back to Ukraine, now I support Ukraine to no end, I respect them oblivion and back, and my heart goes out to the innocent people caught in the middle of all this shit, so yeah every Ukrainian.

(By no means am I saying Russia are right to invade Ukraine, and in no way am I in any kind of support for Russia, well Putin as this is his war not Russia’s)

Now maybe Russia was provoked to a point by the west. Bear with me, just something to think about right here.

Could NATO of really provoked Putin (still not calling him president, he still doesn’t deserve that title), could the US have used NATO or Europe for it’s personal gain?

Look at it this way, information war to the max, true and false info on both sides (noones innocent in any kind of war, so don’t judge my words), so everyone abandoning Russia, causing them to near financial ruin quite similar to 1998, and other episodes of financial difficulty the world has seen.

Then threats of abandoning Russian oil, which is great difficulty for Europe as they buy over a quarter of their oil from Russia and 40% of their gas.

Also fuel prices fly sky high everywhere, and guess who releases their oil reserves? Yeah america, see how I mean?

Well that’s just one way to look at it, and many conspiracy theorists have this kind of opinion, maybe even Russians, well supporters of Putin at least.

In reality, Putin is just a fucktard, a power hungry cretin, someone who needs to be taken out. Sorry that is the only way to get this over and done with.

Even though we all bear the weight of the choices of these assholes who start these wars, we (the real people of the world) suffer because of their greed or paranoia, and other places that are safe as houses have the potential to gain also, just remeber no matter how hard it may get or how tough it is becoming, we only need to spend a little bit more of our money to keep our luxuries of heat and modes of transportation and even have a safe place to call home, and a roof over our heads, just remember you could live in Ukraine loosing everything and many loved ones also.

So moral of the story is, never believe everything you see or hear, there is always something deeper going on that you may never even comprehend.

That being said, don’t let this ruin your faith in humanity, trust can still be there while taking shit with a pinch of salt.

Not everyone is an asshole, even though there may be many out there, the world isn’t completely rife with them.

One last thing, FUCK YOU PUTIN.

Also, as for conspiracies, well what can I say, most are just bored people looking too deep into something trying to get likes, and basically just trying to force you to see stuff that isn’t quiet there, but looks like it when you try hard enough.

That being said, like my shit, make sure you like this blog, I mean come on a lot went into it.



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