Heros to the world, president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a true leader, putting the rest of the world and it’s leaders to shame.

As the pressure builds in Ukraine, and undeniably round the world, there have been reports many Russian troops are “surrendering” to Ukraine, reports (I’ve not seen in the news) that Russian troops are refusing to fight Ukrainians and laying down there weapons and even some handing over their military gear.

I cannot confirm this, but I can only say what I’ve been told by a few people.

In other good news, do you remember those troops telling the Russian warship to go fuck themselves? There’s also reports they are still alive. Again, cannot confirm (and not seen on the news either).

Picture sent to me, via WhatsApp.

Also more and more Russians are protesting against the war and against Vlad (I’m no longer calling him president, he doesn’t deserve that title, or that kind of respect).

Contrary to that, many more Russians protesting and turning against Vlad are getting arrested and silenced.

Rumours and false info.

There are many rumours, plenty are true many are not.

What has been confirmed is, during Sergei Lavrov (Russian diplomat at the UN) speech at the UN today, there was a mass walk out.

Is he be bothered? I think not, but it does show a sign of solidarity, does it not?

More and more sanctions are being posed against Russians.

Are these sanctions enough?

Well most definitely not, it is true they are affecting Russia, but cone on it’s not affecting the right people is it?

Innocent Russians, just normal people trying to live through life are the ones affected.

These sanctions are definitely not enough, supplying weapons to Ukraine is not enough, supplying aid to Ukraine is not enough.

They say they want to avoid world war 3, but answer this, has it already started? Think about it this way, this is how world war 2 started, obviously this hasn’t reached the scale of world war 2 yet, but it’s heading that way.

Are we in a 2nd cold war?

Well did we even exit the cold war? The stand off and tensions have always been there, the 1st cold war wasn’t exactly a fight between the world super powers, it was indirect warfare, psychological warfare, propaganda, far reaching embargoes, stand offs and obviously lots and lots of words said, and wars faught indirectly using smaller nations. Never (at the time) Russian and Allies troops fighting each other, both sides used other countries, and of course the dreaded nuclear threats and worries.

Well isn’t that what’s happening now? Using Ukraine? Isn’t that what was happening with the middle east?

Face it this way, the cold war started pretty much straight after world war 2, and lasted over 44 years.

The “war on terror” and war in places like Afghanistan, comes to an end in effect, as soon as we pull troops out this starts up (maybe not straight after, like the next day).

Was it seen coming? Did the powers that be know this was coming, hence why Afghanistan was abandoned (yes abandoned is the right word to use) and troops pulled out to place the pawns in the right places?

Think about that for a second.

So with all that running through your mind, why are we not directly involved? Surely it’s better to take the fight to the enemy instead of waiting for the fighting to come to us? We know it’s coming.

Shit, it’s been threatened, “if anyone who helps Ukraine will face retaliation like you have never seen before” were pretty much the words used by Vlad.

Well we are helping, everyone is helping, then shit me, nukes get mentioned and threatened.

Also the fact they have said economical warfare always leads to physical warfare. Come on it’s coming.

Belarus have also mentioned becoming a nuclear power, well this cannot happen over night, so where will these nukes come from? Yep you guessed it, Vlad and his cronies.

My full respect goes out to president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his cabinet/politicians and his fighters and citizens.

I mean come on, how many “presidents” and “prime ministers” or politicians of this country, even america or even any of Europe or NATO, hell even any other country would stay put, not only stay put but also fight along side their citizens?

I’ll wait …….


Yeah that’s right, none, zero, zilch.

America offered to help president Volodymyr Zelenskyy an escape, you know what he said?


Yeah that’s right, he said hell to the fuck no, I’m staying right here with all my people, all my fighters on the front line, give me more guns and ammo and hold my fucking beer, I got this.

His speeches and actions have caused solidarity across the globe, this is why his citizens want to fight, this is why none Ukrainians want to go over and help, he is a real person and a real leader, he wont hide in some bunker.

This is why the Russian army are having so much difficulty getting through.

Granted they have the home advantage but good on them.

Just for the record, the Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom, fighting for their country and their homes as well as their children and families.

Also don’t you fucking forget this last bit, they are also fighting against oppression, whilst also fighting for our freedom, and ultimately our country, our home, our family and our liberty and free speech. They are keeping away oppression for you, and for me.

They are fighting for what you and I have, the same thing we have had for a very very long time, the same thing we have fought to have and keep in the past. They want freedom and equality.

They need what we have and they are fighting for it, while also protecting us from a fierce oppressive force.

So why are we standing by the sideline screaming and shouting like hooligans at a Sunday league football match when their team misses an easy penalty, or acting much like watching 2 people fight in the street and the crowd throwing in sticks to use as weapons for extra entertainment.

That’s what it feels like to me.

Also another point on these “sanctions”, we are throwing sanctions on Vlad and his best beer buddies, to no avail, the war (yes I said war, not special military exercises) plods on. Shit more troops are being sent, more damaging and offencive artilery is being used with no regard to civilians, and (at last count) 40 miles of armoured vehicles on the way.

These so called sanctions aren’t to affect Vlad, they are being used to demolish the Russian economy. Let me tell you why …..

They are being used to affect the residents of Russia so they turn against Vlad, they are using the anger of civilians to cause an uprising against Vlad. Yeah it’ll work eventually, maybe but maybe push them more towards Vlads defence. They are using Russian citizens to force out Vlad and his regime so they don’t have to get their hands dirty, that way they can say it’s the will of the people.

Keep that in mind too.

So with all that said, please once again join me and send your thoughts to president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine, but also spare a thought to the innocent residents of Russia who, like us, don’t want war.

I’m not against Russians, I’m against Vlad and his oppressing government, those who are allowing this to happen.

Let’s go all out and crush this shit before it comes for us.



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