Happy birthday to my lil angel, even though I’m not with you, I love you so much.

Well it was yesterday, you turned 13, but I wasn’t in a good place to do a blog.

Happy birthday to my beautiful lil angel.

You may not ever see this, but it is here when/if you do.

So my beautiful angel, this blog goes out to you, I wish you a happy 13th birthday.

Oh wow, 13 already, where has the time gone? I seriously don’t know.

I still remember the day you were born, they wouldn’t let you leave the hospital because you was jaundice, you was only there for a few days, but holding you in my arms was just perfect. Even while you had that blue light on your back as you were laying on my chest while I read a book.

They finally let you out, and I couldn’t wait to show you off to the world, I was the proudest dad in the world, I had my little angel.

I’ve not seen you for many many years, more than I dare to think about.

All I can hope for is that you are happy, and one day you will be whilling to talk to me about everything.

I really hope you understand why I wasn’t there, or at least hear my side when your ready.

I’ll always be here, and I’ll be waiting for you.

I’m not sure what you have been told over these years, but never forget daddy loves you, always has and always will.

I’m sorry daddy left, and I’m sorry me and your mum fell out, it wasn’t our intention but it was for the best.

I didn’t want you seeing what was happening so I had to step back to protect you, I didn’t want you seeing me and your mum arguing like we did.

I miss you like crazy, I’ve missed you every day since the last time I saw you, and will miss you every day till we meet again.

I hope it won’t be too long, but I’ll wait forever for you.

Remember I’ve never forgotten you, and I never will.

You have been in my mind every day, I’m not perfect but I hope I’ve done you proud.

I love you my little angel, and I always will.

Happy birthday and I’ll see you soon.

All my love, daddy.

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  1. She will come looking for you Rob ? still can’t believe she is 13 now teenage I do feel old now we do miss her so much we have missed alot of her growing up its just selfish of her mother not letting us see my sweet Grandaughter

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