The santablog series, day 8. (Spare a thought for the less fortunate, you may not be well off but there’s others worse off)


Day 8, of the santablog series, hope everyone is well and happy.

So today, it’s back to reality for me. I’ve had a long weekend, and not have to endure 3 day’s at work on lates, then Saturday morning.

Well I say endure, but I love working, not every day but hey we all have a bad day now and then eh?

On day’s leading up to Christmas you can’t really have bad days though. I love it, even if I’m having a bad day counting down the day’s till Christmas the bad mood doesn’t last very long so not too bad.

Also this Saturday will be the work Christmas meal/party.

Can’t wait for that, but also can’t wait for blog number 300.

Yes peeps, blog 300 (at this rate) will be posted on the 18th, the weekend before christmas, so that’ll be another celebration for my blogs.

I wish I could have had blog 300 (this one being blog 290) on Christmas day, but I promised you to do a blog every day till the chubby dude comes.

Hey ho ho ho (see what I did there), it is what it is eh?

The countdown to Christmas is almost as good as the day itself, the excitement building and the good times to have are just round the corner, then BOOM before you know it, it’s Christmas day, then all of a sudden it’s all over.

So why all this fuss just for a day that will fly by in the blink of an eye?

Well I don’t know really but it’s just a magical time, it doesn’t matter if your young or old, you just can’t quite help but get excited.

It brings everyone together, it brings the whole country, hell the whole world in a certain respect, together just for one magical day.

Everyone in the world has the same agenda, everyone is aiming for the same thing, everyone just wants to have an amazing time and a good relaxation moments.

Everyone’s stomach is full, sometimes over full, everyone has presents to open, and everyone is hoping for some snow just for that one day.

BUT, and I can’t stress this enough, please spare some time and thoughts, and prayers if you believe, for those who cannot celebrate the good fortune as people like us do. Never forget there are people out there who literally have nothing.

We always say someone should do something for them, and believe me I wish I could. If I was a millionaire or even very well off (which most of us are compared to these poor people) I would do more, I really do wish I had the money to actually make a change and help these people who have nothing more than the clothes on their back.

You see people with everything, you see people hoarding millions if not billions in the bank.

I mean Elon musk alone is worth $311 billion, instead of trying to make it into space, is he gave everyone on earth $1million, that would still leave him with a shit ton of money.

Yeah $1 million won’t get many people very far these days, but even if he just gave that to the 99% of the population that aren’t millionaires, he would still be the richest person in the world.

Ok even if he didn’t want to part with that much money, because he wants us to live on mars or the moon, or even do day trips to space, which only millionaires can afford to do anyway, he could team up with the other 2754 billionaires in the world, who may I add are worth $13.1 trillion, altogether.

Shit, that would end world hunger, and still give people a spare bit of cash, and hell we may all be able to buy electric cars to save the planet at the same time, woohoo.

Don’t get me wrong, many of these millionaires send a lot of money to charities, you may not know this very well but a hell of a lot actually do.

Still, it doesn’t seem to make much difference, there are still people living in the street, there are still people living life scared and worried even in fear in many many ways.

You see a few years ago I watched a programme that looked into some of these charities, and the big bosses and CEOs of these charities are pocketing most of this cash. So literally all this money being sent to charities are just lining the back pocket of some scammers, they just do it legally.

So if the human race prospering did mean something to these rich folk, they should do something better eh? I mean they could build some high rise flats to get people off the street and help them back on their feet. Hey some may take advantage but most would be happy just to have a bed.

Hold up, let’s not do that though eh? We wouldn’t want to upset the order of power would we?

I mean if we did all end up with a million in the bank it would fuck us up wouldn’t it? I mean before the check had chance to clear, the price of a 4 pint of milk and a loaf of bread would end up costing a million.

Damn that sounds depressing doesn’t it?

At the end of the day, money isn’t everything, it can’t buy you love and it can’t buy you a real family and real friends.

Personally I’m happy and comfortable, not rich, not by a long shot, but I’m comfortable, like many other millions of people. Think about it this way, you can’t take money or property with you into the next life, all you can do is make life as best you can for your kids.

That is the aim of pretty much every parent in the world, all that matters is your legacy, aka your kids.

I don’t want millions of pounds, I don’t want posh cars and a massive mansion, I want my kids to be happy and comfortable in life.

So after this bit of off topic ranting, all I can say is spare a bit of time to think of them less fortunate as yourself, if you can spare some change, maybe even buy a mcdonalds meal or a hot chocolate for a homeless person, maybe even a cheap blanket if you can afford. I mean it’s the little things right?

The homeless you do see, people think they are all homeless because they are druggies or drunks, maybe some are, but think what made their life head in that direction? Something terrible must have directed them onto this path, something you couldn’t even fathom.

That being said not all of these poor homeless are “druggies” or “drunks”, many are running away from something, or had everything taken away from them. Some are even war heroes, come home to nothing.

You would be surprised.

You may see some with a bottle of whiskey in hand, but that’s what is keeping them warm, and also helps them take time away.

There is more to everyone’s story, more than you can ever imagine so never judge.

Even just a blanket or a meal or hot chocolate can make these people the happiest in the world.

So spare a thought instead of judgment, that couple of quid could be like a million to someone else.

T’is the season to be jolly? T’is the season to share and give, t’is the season to spread the love.

Today’s Christmas song(s) come as 3, the same song with the same aim, across the generations, perfect for todays blog.



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