The santablog series, day 9. (Make time for family this Christmas, including your family at work)


Day 9 is here peeps, I hope your all well and happy.

Having a long weekend off and then coming back to work on a late shift is tiring, I am fluffed.

I struggle to sleep after a late shift, I can’t seem to settle down for bed, so I end up watching something. Which then stimulated the mind doesn’t it?

That then, in turn, keeps your mind awake. So it makes sleep seem even further in the distance. Not good, but eventually my brain just turns off and I’m gone and nothing wakes me up until I’m ready.

There’s no moral to that story, it just something that spilled out of my head, sorry.

Have it ever occurred to you that you actually spend more time with the people at work than you actually do with your family?

Have you ever wandered why a typical work day is 8 hours long? For most people a shift at work is 8 hours.

Well it is supposed to be something along the lines of you have 8 hours at work, then 8 hours at home to spend as you may, should be with family, and then 8 hours sleep. That makes up the 24 hours of each day right?

Well it doesn’t always work out that way does it?

I mean come on, we usually spend more than 8 hours at work, or away from family, due to travel time to and from work, and most people feel they have to do overtime just to live a comfortable life, and some or most, like me, have to work shifts.

Depending what kind of shift your doing, your family aka partner and kids, are either working different shifts and at school.

So then your spending time alone without your family, and often we spend more time with the people at work.

So this 8 hours magic trick is way out the window.

Also not many people get a full 8 hours sleep. Most of the time when the kids are asleep, your watching something on TV or reading a book, or even getting jobs round the house done.

So then we are given weekends off, well some weekends, I personally work every other Saturday, that then takes away half my weekend.

So then spending more time with people from work.

So the 8 hours at work so you can spend 8 hours at home with family or whatever else you need to do, and the 8 hours sleep doesn’t quite work eh?

But that was the concept of the 8 hours at work philosophy, but over time that vision has become distorted.

I personally don’t mind spending time with the people from work, they are like a 2nd family, hey they got to be right?

I guess I’m just lucky to have an awesome work force riding this train with me.

You see they are like a family, we laugh, joke, have good times, help each other whenever required and always there for each other even if it doesn’t concern work.

That all being said, work takes away family time, real family time. So we are given these holidays, like Christmas, to have a bit of extra time with family.

So take advantage of this time, make sure you use the time wisely, don’t rush the opening of presents and run away to seperate rooms, don’t gulf down your Christmas dinner and sleep the rest of the day away. Well have a nap, but make sure it is just a nap, everyone has a nap on a full stomach, but I end up staying awake longer because of it.

Make opening presents a family thing, you all gather round and share each others opening experiences and expressions. Savour every second of it. Maybe even make opening presents an all day thing.

Have a Christmas morning breakfast together, watch the TV together, maybe even play some games. Hopefully it’ll snow, so go build a snowman together.

Shit even have a conversation, that is a lost commodity these days, not many families sit around and have a good tounge wag, trust me it builds the relationships of loved ones to no end.

Even help prepare food and cook together, clean up the plates and wash up and dry the dishes together, that way you will all have more time to spend with each other.

If you have a Christmas party at work, go to it, socialise, it’s good for the mind and soul.

It’ll help build the bonds with collegues more stronger, as I said before, they are like your 2nd family, you spend more time with them than anyone else in the world.

On the flip side, always find a little bit of time for yourself, I do this by smoking outside (although I may even quit soon, shit I’ve said it now so I’ll have tool do it now right?). I always have a smoke outside, no matter what, it’s the time I have to myself, and mostly when blog ideas pop into my head.

Don’t get me wrong often when I’ve had ideas pop up they disappear into the distance when it comes to actually blog, maybe I should start making notes.

As I’ve said before my blogs aren’t ever planned they just come to me as I type.

Anyway, moral of the blog is, make time this Christmas to actually have time with family.

There are many people who will be alone this Christmas, so my links are open to anyone who just wants a chat, at any time, below I’ll leave my contact links (after todays Christmas song). Also here today leave in the comments ways people can contact you, just for a chat, whether it’s via email or messenger or any other social media you have. Let’s create a safe place for strangers to be kind to each other eh? All by choice, don’t let anyone be lonely this christmas.

So today’s christmas song is a jolly happy song, another classic (because they are the best afterall).

Places to contact me, just for a chat.

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You can also follow me at these links too.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’ll reply to everyone.



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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this! My youngest daughter who is 17 had her boyfriend over last night. I always have a puzzle going here and they both worked on that and then later in the evening they got out the monopoly game. It felt so wholesome to have a board game going. I’ve decided to get our family a new fun board game to play over the Christmas break.

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