A perfect son, too early for Christmas, and give me a little attention and exposure.

Hey peeps, wow it’s almost the weekend already eh?

So I didn’t blog yesterday, you will thank me once you know why. I was beyond pissed off, I had a bad day, like proper hardcore bad day.

I had a shit job on the go, and nothing but shit thrown my way. (don’t feel sorry for me, shit happens, and many other people have worse days trust me)

So that being said, yesterday blog would have just been a full on bitching session, so I just listened to music laying on the bed all evening and night after I spent some time with lil man.

Talking of lil man, he cheered me up, you know when you got shit going on, but no matter what you always try to stop your kids finding out and worrying about you.

Well they aren’t stupid they know.

I took him to maccies (McDonalds, for those who don’t know) and before we went inside, he said “wait daddy” and he jumped in the front seat and hugged me.

In that moment everything just faded into the background, all the pain, sweat, blood and tears of the day just drifted away.

In that moment my heart warmed up, and I smiled, and everything was perfect.

Nothing beats a loving hug from your kids, even if they don’t understand, they will never judge, never ask questions and will always brighten up the worst of days.

Just the pure innocence and ignorance to the world is such an amazing thing, it almost makes you wish you was that age again so you didn’t have any worries of the world, doesn’t it?

Today was a different story, today was a good day, I was doing the MOT lane, as boring as it may be just sitting there and having an easy day is what was needed. It usually bores me not doing proper work, and I long to be back in the workshop doing a proper job, but today it felt relaxing and spot on.

Then seeing lil man again made everything perfect once again.

If you have kids you will understand, no matter what happens they will make all the trouble of the world fade into the distance, like they don’t exist.

It is the truest form of love, devoted, undenying and undying true love.

Need I say more? I don’t think so.

So today is the 4th of November, the day before bonfire night, for those who don’t have bonfire night in their countries, it’s kind of like 4th of July for the americans. Well it’s the same but different.

In the UK we have big massive fires and a shit ton of fireworks. It’s a thing we celebrate because Guy Forkes back in the olden days tried and failed to blow up the government at the time (go look it up on google) and for some reason we celebrate it so yeah don’t ask why.

For some reason though, we have these fucking idiots ruining it as they ruin everything, it’s Thursday, and bonfire night is tomorrow Friday, so why are these muppets doing bonfire night tonight? I ask you this in a genuine manner.

Everyone still has work and school tomorrow, why not save it for tomorrow when it is actually bonfire night on a fucking Friday? You know the day the weekend actually starts of the evening, when most people aren’t at work and definitely not at school. It makes no fucking sense.

Bloody fools.

The world is mad I tell you, that’s why.

Here’s another example, it’s the start of November, as we all know. Ok pointing out the damn obvious, I know.

As I say it’s the start of November, and we pretty much have a month and 25 day’s till Christmas, and people are putting up Christmas decorations already. Jesus fucking christ (excuse the blasphemy for these religious readers) now I love Christmas, it’s one of my favourite times of the year, along side halloween, and people are ruining it.

By the time Christmas comes along the novelty will wear off, the enjoyment of the decorations, the lights, the time with loved ones, the excitement and presents and of course the Turkey will just end up being another day.

Don’t get me wrong, they don’t ruin it for me, but it does seem tiresome.

Anyway I’m not bitching, today is a nice day, albeit it’s been fucking cold, but in past blogs when it was hot, I was saying it’s too hot eh? I also said us brits will complain about everything haha.

Also I hope you are all well, and I hope life is treating you good. Keep smiling peeps and enjoy life to the max while you can, remember it is a one way trip, the time you loose, you can’t get back, live your life without regrets.

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