10 months of blogging, my exhaust done, and a few things to make you smile.

Hey peeps.

Here’s to November eh? A new month has dawned, and also another month closer to christmas.

Oh shit, it’ll be the 1st christmas I share with you peeps. Shit me, that means I’ve been talking a load of shit for 10 months, and you lot have stuck around to read it.

Have you not got a life?


Wow, 10 months, well it will be on the 7th. Damn that’s flown by eh? If your still here then thank you, just remember I couldn’t do this without all of you, I mean well if you didn’t read my shit and ramblings and stories then what is the point in a blog eh?

So let me once again thank you all for sticking with me, thank you all for reading my shit and thank you all for reading all about my good and bad times. I’ve told you lot more than I’ve ever really spoken about, well I’m great depth anyway.

Your all good listeners, or readers.

Allowing me to actually open up and spout shit and joke about and even cry on your shoulders.

Literally, I wouldn’t do this if you peeps didn’t keep liking and commenting.

Really I just do this to get stuff off my chest, maybe just someone to talk to, even though your not really here, but in reality you actually are here. I’m just here getting stuff out of my head so I don’t go insane.

I’ve not got 317 dedicated followers, and my stuff has been viewed 7166 times. To many that’s not a lot, to me that’s massive and huge, 317 people signed up to read what I type down, 317 people all over the world, 99% are strangers I’ve never even seen, most I will never ever see, nearly all will never know me away from my blogs. Shit that’s crazy right?

Crazy maybe an understatement, but feels so cool.

Ok heres the over all stats.

Monthly breakdown, only 5 views this month, but it’s only the 2nd haha. My views have gone up and down, look below that’s how many blogs I’ve done each month. Maybe that’s why I’ve had less some months, mostly these past couple months I’ve not really blogged much, due to having busy times and tough ones too.

Can’t believe I’ve done 271 blogs straight from my own head, this one makes 272. With 768 comments from you peeps, 2353 likes 😲😲😲 which is fucking mental, a total of 160,000 words typed down by these 2 hands,

Best views of 118 in one day, I want to try beat that, want to help me peeps? Share my shit with your family and friends haha. At the bottom of each blog you can share via facebook, twitter, and many others. Image below.

Hey, I’ll do better and do more blogs peeps, just keep up the good work of following me and reading my stuff, thank you again.

Ok let’s move on.

So Tuesday has arrived, I was going to blog yesterday but I was fucked, I went back to work and done my exhaust, with permission of course.

Only took a couple hours.

I’m happy with it, but also kinda disappointed, it looks awesome and has a bit of a rumble, but not as loud as I wanted it to be, but let’s face it, it’s a diesel so it was never going to be proper loud. Well it could be but that means removing the cat, (catalistic converter) which removes all the shitty stuff from the exhaust fumes, so that probably won’t happen, looking after the environment of course, plus it wouldnt pass MOT legally so hey it looks good and sounds good in a very low grumbling way haha.

Old exhaust.

Nothing to see here, hmm.

Involved a hell of a lot of cutting, bending and welding, but worth the effort.

The end result, pretty good eh? Looks awesome, it’s now just a show pony, that does a bit of work horse stuff now and then. More awesome work to come in the future peeps, it’ll look sexier over the coming months, maybe even the best looking ford fiesta diesel in the country, haha, money and time permitted obviously.

I’ll be keeping you updated obviously.

It’ll never be mega fast and it wont win many races, but it’ll be fun to do, and it’ll be fun to show off, that what I want these days. I want a sexy car, and hey who know maybe I can advance in the future to faster cars once again.

Next up, is some pretty things to see, while I was out with little man we saw a double rainbow, and the sun setting and shining round some clouds, which made for awesome viewing.

To finish the day off, here’s a little to keep you smiling.

A couple Halloween ones, a couple days late but hey ho enjoy hahaha.



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