Theiving f#ckers, a few reviews and lil man going to be going to school.

Hey peeps, it’s nearly the weekend again woohoo.

1st let me apologise, I’ve not been very consistent with my blogs the past few days or weeks, with everything going on it’s been difficult to find some time to blog as well as chill out after work.

To top it off with it being hot, it’s making me more tired, so when I chill out the heat gets to me and I fall asleep.

I hope everyone is well, and I hope life is good.

The review on Homeland on netflix will have to wait a bit longer, I’ve started season 3 and so far so good, I love watching it but I’m having a break from it.

I watched Loki on Disney plus this week, and let me say Marvel haven’t disappointed yet again, it is amazing, during the films I’ve loved loki all the way through, he’s just misunderstood and scared of being alone so he lashes out. The series of Loki hasn’t changed my mind, it’s an awesome story line, and awesome characters. Definitely worth the watch if you can get Disney plus and afford it. I’m not paying for it personally, I’m using next doors account (shhh, don’t tell on me).

I’ve also watched Ricky Gervais – afterlife, on netflix, that was class, 2 series so far 3rd one is being recorded and should be shown this year, but totally amazing and makes you think twice about being angry at everything. A very touching and emotional story. Definitely worth a watch.

In other news, work has been quiet. Someone in this shared house is stealing food, yeah the fuckers pissing me off to be fair, I put some stuff in freezer and a lot of it keeps going missing, no I’m not secretly sleep eating I promise. It’s also like at work, some scutty fucker stole a whole bottle of my pop, it may seem petty, maybe even silly to bitch about but it was my stuff, it is still theft.

Now I’m the kind of guy who won’t see amyone go without  if someone needs a drink they can have some, if someone is starving I’ll buy them food, now I’m not rich (far from it) but I won’t ever see anyone go without. But to take it without asking or taking the piss and taking the lot of it then that makes me want to say fuck you, even twat the side of your face.

Yeah I would punch someone for stealing a whole bottle of pop, not because they stole my refreshingly ice cold pop on a very very hot day, no not that at all, but I would punch them for the pure audacity and disrespect to steal of someone you live with or even work with.

It’s the stealing that gets to me, if you ask I’ll say yes all fucking day, I’ll even go to the shop and buy you a bottle of pop or a sandwich or even a kebab or pizza if you really can’t afford to buy one, if you steal you will get a fist bump on the jaw, I’m not a violent person but stealing of a friend is lowest of the low.

It’s not about the money, money means nothing to me apart from getting through life, it’s the principle.

If your reading this, then fuck you. Don’t pretend to be my friend, own up to it and we will call it a mistake this time but if it happens again you better not let me find out. If your that bad off that you have to steal my food or my cold drink let me know I’ll buy you a bottle or a sandwich, hell even take a glass of pop just fucking ask me or let me know after. That’s all it takes.

But still fuck you.

Ok I got that out lets move on.

In other parts of life, me and my sons mother had a chat, about him going to school, if you didn’t know she home schools him, he used to go to home school clubs, to socialise, but since covid shit he hasn’t been having that.

So she was trying to sort him out to go to school 2 days a week, yeah it’s taken me long enough to actually get through to her, but he needs that interaction and social skills, so that’s finally got through to her, but most schools won’t accept him 2 days a week “because it’ll affect their attendance records” fucking scum bags. Their numbers mean more to them than a kids education or socialising, it’s fucking rediculous.

She has found an acadamy (performing arts academy), that will do 2 days a week, for arts and drama or something like that, he will be going 2 days a week, possibly starting in September, he will have exams, he will have a chance to make his own film with his class mates, and get this right, he will even eventually have a show in londons west end. Seriously, he is excited about it, and makes me smile so much it’s awesome, because he’s been making his own videos and singing videos on his tablet, and best part is he will make some friends, and get some qualifications.

I’m well happy and can’t wait for it to finally happen, I’ll keep you updated on his progress.

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  1. It’s okay to not post, life happens. It’s really odd to take someones food!! Are you sure you aren’t sleep eating? Haha. Waiting on homeland review!! Yayyy lil guy will be going to school eh? Wow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s all good …. and yeah I’m too skinny so that’s the evidence haha ….. theres 8 series of homeland so having a break ill get back on it monday haha ….. and yeah it’s like a performing arts academy, the only place that will accept a 2 day a week schooling thing because the normal schools won’t accept him because only doing 2 days will affect their attendance record apparantly lol


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