Happy 73rd heavenly birthday grandad, all my love Robbie.

Before another day is over, today is a special day, even under the circumstances it is better to remember the good times and not dwell on what is lost.

One day we will meet again grandad, and celebrate yours and all of our birthdays together once again.

Happy heavenly birthday grandad, you would have been 73 today, you lived an amazing life, but I know you will be having an amazing time up there too, watching over all of your kids, grand kids and great grandkids.

You are missed every day, maybe even more so on days like today, but we celebrate your birthday with you still, just at a further distance than we would like.

I hope your having an amazing day, have a few whiskeys for me up there, I know your getting the best of the best up there, so enjoy.

I love you grandad, forever and ever. Until we meet again, just keep having fun and tell me all about it when I see you again, I’ll listen to every word you say, because damn I miss your voice, and your hugs, your still the only person to have ever called me Robbie.

I miss that so much.





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  1. So so sweeeeet. Happy happy to him! This is the best way to remember ❀

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  2. Lovely post, Rob, thanks for sharing. When my dad died, 12 years ago, I wrote him a long lette telling him about us all. Filling him in on what his children and grandchildren were doing. I think it’s time I wrote another.
    PS I bought some cukamelon seeds, but it’s winter here, so I’ll have to wait a while. xx

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    • Thank you so much, it means alot.
      Would you like me to post it here for you? So it can be kept in this little corner of the internet forever? I feel it helps so it’s upto you.
      Also sweet and good call on the cucamelons, plant them in spring and you should do better than ours, we planted them a bit late but they are starting to get there. Keep me updated on them as I’m whilling to learn more for next year x

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      • Thats a kind offer, Rob. But I won’t take you up on it. I’ll post it on my blog.
        I went to my nearest Bunnings after I read your post and bought the cucamelon seeds. They have a section that sells American seeds. Those people have everything. If you don’t have a Bunnings where you live they sell hardware, outdoor furniture, plants and all sorts of items. It’s absolutely huge and not the sort of place you’d want to browse in. Too exhausting. Can’t wait for Spring, Rob. Will let you know how those seeds go. 🎢

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      • No problem at all, its all good.
        That sounds cool, we have garden centres and stuff so kind of the same thing, we are always there most weekends having a look, we like to get the plants on sale, you know the kind that are half dead and not been looked after or pretty much dead and they can’t bring them back to life so they sell them really cheap, well most of the plants you see we brought back to life. It a big achievement to do that.
        Also I cant wait to see yours good luck Mary.


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