A plane grave yard, also wishing my workplace would do a truck recycling centre.

Hey peeps, so happy monday eh? I suppose it’s not bad. Got a lovely week on lates, it’s not too bad. We seem to be busy on lates so time will fly, also excited to see lil man.

So I visited an aeroplane (or airplane if your American, yeah I’m going to do a blog about different way stuff is spelt at some point, as I think its funny, even the english language you got there their and they’re, bit confusing to some people) graveyard, yes a place where aeroplanes go to rest or get taken apart, I got pics below and a couple videos.

I think he overshot his landing

Wouldn’t that be an awesome job to break up planes? To be honest if my place had a recycling part I’d be there. They could get old trucks or written off trucks and get them stripped down for 2nd hand parts, cheaper for us and the customers not on contract, also good to sell 2nd hand parts. That would be a fantastic idea. Just to strip down trucks to the bare shell or chassis, that would be the perfect job.

Anyway I loved seeing them and the little ones taking off and landing, it looked pretty cool, I was like a kid at the sweet shop.

This will be blog number 98 so I’m still trying to figure out what number 100 will be so will be something special. Also still trying to figure out the conpetition thing so any ideas let me know.

Well I hope you all have a good week and a good Monday, keep smiling peeps.



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