Happy sunday, felt productive, and a little bit of weekly catch up

Hey peeps, happy sunday, and what a lovely day we have had. Sun is shinning but I’ve seen a bit of snow and hail but the temperature has been nice. I’ve got a few things done so felt productive.

So this weeks round up, I’ve not noticed much going on really sorry, apart from the obvious of someone I consider highly respectable passing away after a month of being in hospital, Prince phillip, also heard about the american rapper DMX and Nikki Grahame (from big brother) passing away sadly.

We also got a bit of good news like next week more restrictions will be lifted, but personally I won’t be going to the pub until they are open properly.

In personal news, work has been decent, had a good one with the lads. The supervisorbis off next week so Tom is in charge so thats different. It’ll be a nice week anyway.

So I’ve been given an idea, I might start a monthly prize competition. Still working out the specifics, but the main prize may be something like an amazon voucher maybe maybe a couple of prizes. It’ll be fun when I figure out the specifics. I’m not sure how it’ll work or if it’ll be a blog or a new page. We will see.

Anyway ibhope everyone’s week has been pretty food and I hope you have had a decent weekend, just make the most of whats left because it’s return to work tomorrow.

It’s only a quick blog but I got a full stomach and smelling like fire (had a bit of a burn up on the old fire pit) so a bath is needed, I may do another blog tonight so lets hope I don’t fall asleep.



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