Why I blog, a few tips, my own personal space in the world where I don’t get interupted, spend a little time in my mind

Hey peeps, my mind is asleep today. Do you ever get so tired that your brain just turns off for a day? Well that’s happened to me today.

I been hovering over new blog button most of the day, and nothing has come to my mind. I’m sorry about this as I do love doing my blogs.

The past week I’ve been reading up on how to set out blogs and how to keep them interesting. One method I’ve picked up is shorter paragraphs, well I’m no English teacher and was mever any good at english, but i love reading so I been doing my blogs like a book with longer paragraphs so I’ll see how shorter paragraphs work out.

I also learned that most bloggers save the title till last which is what I do anyway, but a couple of times I’ve rushed and not put a title up, then gone back and edited to put a title in. Some of you may have noticed if you get my emails, it just comes up with a number.

Also learned if I put stuff in the tags part I will which I’ve been doing the past couple weeks and it does get more attention.

As you know I’ve been posting on different social medias for more exposure like Facebook and Twitter so that’s not new.

Also noticed a lot of bloggers do their set up loads different, some plan theirs and some check it like 100 times before they post for perfection, but you know I just go with the flow and my mind just opens up and I make it up as I go along and if I’m talking about a specialist subject I will do some research.

Everyone has their own way and this the way I do it suits me, so don’t worry I won’t be changing the way I write too much, because thats what you love about me (not big headed, just what I’ve been told). Some spend a few days on 1 blog or at least a whole day, but personally I like how I do my blogs and I hope everyone else does too.

There’s also the fact I’ve always said, and always will say, and always will abide by the fact I will never change for anyone, only myself. I am who I am and as I’ve always said you can’t change me and if you want me to change for you then jog on.

So let me know your thoughts, I’ve always welcomed critisism, good and bad, I take everything in board. I will also be doing more bigger blogs with research just to show I can do it, for myself. I’ll make it interesting I promise, I think my problem is I’m just too opinionated and doing my blogs I can get my opinion out without interuptions, then hear other sides nicely.

You see with having a stutter you get interupted way too easily and way too often so it’s hard to get my own point across and very often get out spoken or spoken over so I tend to drift off into the background. That’s why I love doing my blogs, because it’s my corned of the world and my own little space just for me (and you to visit) and for someone like me that’s such a special place. Which I welcome everyone with flung open doors and the biggest welcome mat ever (just wipe your feet please, the cleaners and maids are expensive these days).

To end this I’ll say welcome to my humble abode, get a drink put your feet up and spend 5 minutes inside my mind. I’m drinking whiskey just sonyou know if you go the the bar and the expensive stuff too (I can’t afford it but I’ll welcome a free drink any day)



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