Shopping is rediculous, please respect other shoppers and social distance, the virus is still upon us.

Hey peeps, am I alone in feeling anxious shopping? I just went to 2 shops for some stuff (obviously, didn’t go for a day trip) and bloody hell what’s wrong with people? No social distancing, no respect for other shoppers esspecially their personal space and rushing around. I mean why rush? People rush all the time for everything these days.

Let me say an extra till ipened and people were pretty much fighting to get there 1st, then i was next in line and the till next opened up and some random bloke nearly pushed in, he wasn’t even in a que, he was questioning himself then saw me and I gave him a look of, nah mate don’t think about it, he flat lined his lips and went to the back of the que and I just smiled.

Is it just me or is everyone just angry shopping? Is it just a dsy out to people, or are the just getting anxious like me and can’t hold it in like I can? I mean what happened to the queuing system shops had at the start of all this? One que at the end isle and another shop assistant called you one by one to go to the next available till. That was such a good systen and now it’s a free for all again. Sorry but it’s annoying as hell. Also this “limited number of people in the shop” bull crap has gone out the window. It was about customer health and safety and all the shops were working together but as I just said it’s gone back to the free for all.

In a previous blog I noted about how selfish people can be and only out for themselves ect. well shopping is exactly the same. Show courtesy and respect for your fellow shoppers people please I beg of you. The virus is still out there and a vaccine isn’t the whole answer, it’s just a way of helping us fight it off when we catch it. Simple as that. It doesn’t mean it’ll eradicate it at all, just like the flu it’ll always be here we can only help your immune system fight it off.



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