2 months of existing, heres a thank you to all my audience, you make this what it is.

Hey peeps, happy friday. Yes we made it to another weekend, lucky us. Its been a weird week, albeit a nice one so far. I don’t know how to explain the week but I’ll think about it and do a weekly roundup on sunday.

So I want to update you on the progress my blog has made because of you lovely people. As of a couple of days ago I’ve been doing this blogging thingy stuff for 2 months now. Yes 2 months of me typing stuff, and you reading it, bloody hell that has flown by. So I’d say I’ve only existed for 2 months (officially as THEPLAINANDSIMPLEGUY) and it still feels awesome, and to be fair you peeps have kept me going with your kind words and positive feedback, likes, comments and messages.

It feels awesome to be entertaining you, and feels amazing to be noticed (trust me for someone who stutters being actually noticed by people feels amazing) and I’m very proud of myself for achieving something. You people have helped me feel confident (confident enough to call in to a radio station and do 2 videos on YouTube) so yes I’m going to say thank you again because you don’t realise how much I actually do appreciate you.

Below i will show you how far this website blog has gone its just a wow feeling I can’t describe.

I mean look at that, that is amazing if I say so myself (bragging rights) and look at this.

93 blogs, this one will be 94, I want to do something very very special for 100 so any ideas let me know but it’ll be marking a very big moment. Also 56k words, shit I couldn’t even say 56k words in 2 months. It would be amazing to get more followers and a bigger audience, but I’m not begging I’ve got this far so far in 2 months so just imagine after another 2 months. Or even a year, and it is all down to you people just because you encourage me.

So any ideas for blog 100 would be amazing, comment or message me on any of my contacts in the contact page. Also keep them encouraging messages coming, I love it and it makes me feel so good like I’ve never felt before. So this is just my big thank you to everyone who visits me here aswell as twitter and my facebook page and LinkedIn. Remember your all awesome. And below is a little something like advice or inspiration or whatever or however you take it.



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  1. ooo I need to see if you made the 100 yet I’m excited to see what you post. Hugs

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