I love you grandad, your time came too soon, we shall meet again and that’ll be our pleasure

So today is 3 years since you left us grandad, and I still miss you every day obviously. You was one of a kind, yes very rare indeed, such an amazing person, you left a hole in all our hearts that can never be filled, it was the greatest honour knowing you and such a pleasure to have you in our lives. We shall meet again and that will be our pleasure. To hold you in my arms again will be worth it, to feel your embrace and your touch, to hear your voice and your breath, to look into them eyes and see that love I so miss, I know when we reach you, you will have plenty of stories to tell us, where ever you are looking down on us, I know your having fun and I know your looking out for us.

Nothing ever fazed you, you loved your footy and your old films, and definitely loved the comedies, especially the carry on films. Everytime they were on we would hear you giggling away. You also never missed a manchester united match you loved them but you would choose walsall every time as they were your 1st team. You also loved the grand national and always put a bet on. Nan put one on for you this year grandad don’t worry.

You also loved your whiskey, but also loved a good cup of tea. You smoked like a steam train but it was one of your pleasures. You was also a very very hard working man, up until the day you started having problems. You was an amazing and inspiring man, but also a loving and dedicated fiancé to nan, an amazing dad and an amazing granded and also an awesome great grandad. You are missed by many and will be in our hearts for a lifetime.

You was grumpy at times, but you was our grumpy old man. You are missed grandad your time came way too early, you are remembered every day, some of the things you done are just way too funny. I remember the time you drove past the holiday camp and got lost because you sped on ahead of everyone then the battery to your mobility scooter ran out, then it took everyone ages to find you. I wasn’t there sadly but when I was told, it had me in stitches.

I missed out on so much with you grandad because of stuff in my life, and I hate myself for that. With all the mistakes I made in life you was the one who never judged, the one who would never call me stupid, the one who never criticised me. You were never jugemental.

I regret not spending more time with you, I do miss the little chats we had no matter how silly they were, everyone takes advantage on the people we have in our lives and regret not having more time. You see people take advantage of the time we have with our loved ones, and then all of a sudden they are gone.

No matter who you are you always look at your parents and grandparents and don’t think they will be gone one day, you think they are super heroes that will live forever, but in reality they are super heroes that will soon be gone. Saying that though they may be gone but they are still there, in every essence, every heart beat, every breath and every moment they are still there with you. It is no different with you grandad you are still here remembered and in our hearts.

You touched so many lives grandad, trust me I can prove that because the day we followed you to the crematorium, you should have seen the cars following, that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, if you have ever watched that film convoy (the one about the trucks) you can imagine the amount of cars that were following you grandad. It made me cry how many people were following you, I feel sorry for the car that let everyone through I bet he was there for a while. Even then there was so many more people waiting at the crematorium.

You were the only one who ever called me robbie, and I loved that, I fucking miss that so much. I miss a lot of things about you grandad but that’s the thing I miss most.

I was named after you and I am god damn proud of that, and always will be. I LOVE YOU GRANDAD AND ALWAYS WILL.

I know your looking down on all of us and helping us through the tough times, so thank you grandad, believe me it is needed at times.

I know your there grandad, not long after you passed of dreamt of you, and you spoke to me saying “everything will be ok” when I was facing my toughest times, then you kissed me on my forehead, then I woke up, and I swear grandad, where you kissed my forehead it was warm, the only place on my whole body was the place you kissed me and then I knew everything was going to be ok. You got me through my worst times and will continue to do so because I know your there.

I know your there somewhere with your whiskey, smokes and TV. Probably shouting at every footy match, laughing as you watch the old carry on films on repeat, laughing even harder watching the comedians, chilling to the max watching your old school films, but most of all your probably watching us, standing by our side, holding our hand when we need it most, fighting away the evil that threatens us. Also waiting there for when we have the pleasure of joining you once again.



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