Changing an injector at work, a missing bolt from an airbag, and reminiscing back when Tesco done an amazing thing for lil man.

Hey peeps, isn’t it great to be back at work? I’ve actually enjoyed my day I won’t lie. Ended up doing an injector that the customer was umming and arring about having done, only reason being he’s only had the truck a week or so. The previous company had a driver put adblue in with the fuel, I’ll tell you now that isn’t a good idea, not only did they put adblue in the fuel tank they kept running it until the injectors packed up (you see adblue isn’t pig piss as some people call it, but it skinks and it’s horrible stuff when not used properly, it crystalises, and fucks stuff up like really bad) So they didn’t get it fixed properly and just changed an injector or 2 and sold it to this poor guy. Who decided to just get it sorted, so that’s why i ended up changing the affected injector. I took pics as I do haha.

Engine with rocker cover off, some call it the lid but meh.
Rockers (inlet and outlet and injectors)
Side view (it looks cool when its running with the rocker cover off, you can see it all moving fast, but it gets messy so no you cant see it, ok maybe one day)
Took off the rockers to gain access to the injector
Injector out
Injector sleve out, basically what the injector sits on top of which is coolant cooled at the bottom
New sleve inside
Sexy new injector

Pictures taken by me.

Ok that’s all I got too with the pics, as the parts, after the injector has been fitted, needs concentration. Basically loads of torquing and releasing and torguing again and turning the bolts so far round ect. then setting the tappets (rockers) to very small measurements in a very particular order so the engine runs smoothly. Basically the inlet needs to be set at 0.2mm and the outlet at 1.0mm gap between the rocker and valve. So its very precise working to be done. Next time I may try get more pictures but will have to have someone working with me to take pictures.

I found some pictures off google of what could or did happen to this engine.

So yeah got that sorted and refilled the coolant, coolant needs removing so when the sleves get removed the coolant doesn’t flood the piston liner. Yeah you don’t want that happening because if you forget to drain it out the engine could get very poorly or seize/hydrolock, which can then cause other problems like fucked up piston of liners or bent piston rods ect. so if you do this then at least I warned you. It’s best to take these kind of jobs to a main dealer as the injectors will need to be programmed, it’s all co trolled electrically, if it’s not calibrated then the injector changed will not work causing a missfire. The other injectors will compensate for a while but will cause premature aging so get it done properly.

Also done a service on a trailer today to be shocked at an airbag main bottom bolt missing, that was a shocker and not a very clever thing to happen.

What it supposed to look like
What the other side looked like.

Some may have missed this, luckily i didn’t, you don’t want an airbag coming off on you.

Anyway, enough about work, I picked up my son not long after work and he wanted to go to poundland for the new poundland trucks, as you know (if you have read my other blogs) he is obsessed with buildings, shops and signs and trucks. Esspecially the shop trucks. He would collect them all if he could find them. I’m hoping to get him some proper good truck models from various companies too at some point, that would make him the hapliest lil dude ever. The year becore last christmas I managed to speak to an area manager (I think he was) at Tesco and I told him about lil man and he sent me a Tesco home delivery truck that wasn’t even on the shelves yet, so he loved that being the only kid in the world to have this Tesco home delivery truck. He also got a Tesco ballball which he loved too. He was loving it that year. I found the email too they were amazing.



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