Angry and upset, R.I.P little Ciaran, my thoughts are with you and your family, Justice for Ciaran.

Oh man I got upset yesterday and even more upset today, some asshole speeding in brownhills crashed into another car and consequently mounted the kerb and killed a 2 week old baby (found out on facebook west midlands police page, I screen shot the posts, there are pictures of little baby Ciaran on there too but I won’t even post pictures of my own kids here so will never post others). This is a fucking disgrace, yes I’m swearing because I’m angry. The dude wasn’t insured and ran away from the scene, I mean what a coward. Granted he did call the police later that day and was arrested (don’t know what was said) but jesus fucking christ this is the worst thing ever. As a parent even I can’t imagine what little Ciarans parent’s are going through. It couldn’t even come close to my worse nighmare, all I know is it’s every parents worse fear.

This scumbag will serve some time in jail (may or may mot ever leave, but that’s upto the jail system, and you know I don’t mean the law side of jail either) if he comes out what justice is this? After my blog yesterday and I find out this happens, this is bullshit and there is no justice in anything that could happen to this man who has put this family through the worst thing anyone could face. Never lone cutting such a short short life so fucking short. It was his 1st time out too, I mean fuck. I’m so upset about this sorry peeps. It’s too close to home, I mean brownhills is not far from me at all, and it’s scary to think it could have been someone I know. If they don’t throw the book at this guy then that will piss me off to no end. There’s already not enough justice in the world please don’t let this be another.

I’m sorry peeps I know this guy probably hates himself (shows through the fact he called the police) he probably panicked and didn’t know what to do, I mean if that was me I honestly don’t think id be able to live with myself, with damn good reason.

R.I.P Ciaran and my prayers are with your family at this time, I know that’ll never bring you back but you are loved and never forgotten. I’m so sorry this happened to you little dude and I sure as hell hope something gets done to prevent this from happening again. Let your untimely departure bring something good to this country and gets some action done so this can be avoided in future. I’m sorry to the parents even though this will never be enough to cover your loss, just know you are in many many prayers and thoughts at this horrible horrible time in your life. I know there isn’t much I can do and you will probably not see this anyway and I’m sorry if I stepped out of line with this blog but I’m just sorry you had to go through all this.

Along with my followers/audience we wish you justice and pray you get through this together, most of all slow the hell down people please please I for one beg you, show some courtesy for other road users and pedestrians. Don’t let this happen to you, on either side of the line.

R.I.P Ciaran Leigh Morris



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