The world has changed, we will be history, it’s not the end yet, and don’t forget your toilet roll.

Hey peeps, just a quick one for now as I’m a bit busy, but hope everyone is all good. We are half way though the week, so half way to the weekend. Also a step closer to the closest thing to normal we can.

They keep saying everything will be back to normal soon, but think about it, it’ll never be the same again. The whole world has changed and it will never be the same again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again we are now a piece of history, there will be good and bad things said about us in the future, we have shown how we can all pull together and help each other and be friendly and courteous to one and other, also helping your neighbours and helping the old lady down the street who had to shield by getting her shopping or get her some milk, maybe even talked to her for a while through the window so she wasn’t lonely. We showed ourselves that us as humans can be a pretty damn decent species.

On the other hand we have shown how vile and disgusting we can be, full of hatred and anger. Bring back the 1st lockdown, that was an amazing time, most people had a lovely nearly fully paid holiday for a few months, and mostly those who carried on working were fully appreciated, especially the NHS, would have been a bit nicer if truck drivers got the same appreciation along with mechanics and shop workers and police and firefighters and the army, don’t get me wrong they were appreciated but still not enough in my eyes. But back to now, everyone is pretty much hated again or at least looked down upon once again. We aren’t shown the same respect we experienced during that short time (by the public I mean) and police are hated again, the NHS is a shower of shit once again, mechanics are just people who fix shit and no use to anyone until something breaks on your car or truck, and truck drivers are the scum of the road yet again. So yeah it was nice and lovely while it lasted but we all knew it wouldn’t last very long at all.

Then all the shit hit the fan with other issues in the world, and to be fair these shitty things will be the things thats remembered most. This virus shit, the riots, the whole episode of people going crazy for bog roll (I still don’t understand that by the way, if someone could explain it to me) My guess is people panicked, and ran out for essentials and basically toilet roll is a massive luxury people take for granted most of all, and people’s basic instinct was if the worlds ending and civilisation comes to an end I’m not wiping my ass with leaves off the floor.

Basically that’s all it comes down too, people panicking and basic instinct kicks in. It’s not like it is in the movies. When you reach a point when a real threat comes knocking on your door, everything in movies gets forgotten. They do not prepare you for the real end of the world, hell movies are just entertainment after all, and all this is reality. That also explains why a lot of people deny it is real, and them people deny covid is real because they can’t see it and they haven’t prepared for it, and believe it or not it could have been a lot different.

It could have been the end of the world, it could have adapted and changed and gone a totally different way. Shit peeps it still might, all it needs is to change in 1 person and adapt to become more stronger and resilient and more viral and deadly. So ending on that be safe peeps. Remember im taking you with me to the top (if i ever get there haha)



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