The lost kids, lost and forgotten.

Hey peeps, just a quick one and little frustrated moment, I found out today that last years year 11s and this years years 11 are being pretty much abandoned, I mean they have just been left to it basically. They have pretty much had a year off, and being graded on the work they have done. Like wow how can they grade these youngsters on work they have been doing at home? Most teachers will undergrade or possibly choose the class superstar and the class joker and grade them on how they feel about them, not on how they would actually perform in a test like me and you. It’s also annoying because these young uns have been worried sick over this whole thing, and worried about parents and grandparents, and other people they care about, some have lost family members to this covid shit. So yeah guess what? they won’t perform school work like they would have in a normal year, 1. because schooling from home, 2. because they worried as hell, 3. they are scared, 4. the school work provided at home is a load of shit (yes I’ve seen a lot of it), 5. a hell of a lot of kids haven’t even gone back to school, because their parents are scared, 6. grading on students the teachers don’t really know after a year on a personal level, they won’t know their full skill level, 7. the world is no longer the same so thats another worry, 8. they have even missed out on work experience, 9. the teachers will end up on strike within the next 12 months wanting a pay rise (because they putting themselves at risk) mark my fucking words. And 10. it’s just a load of crap.

Oh and another thing that marcus rashford was fighting for school dinners during school holidays, what a tool he is shouldn’t he be fighting for kids education and future? I wrote a tweet on twitter aimed at marcus which I bet will get ignored. Someone who thinks they can inspire when really it was about popularity points for mums. That’s just my opinion, but basically I feel if you have kids you can pay for them. To be fair that was a load of crap anyway because my mum done pretty well to feed me when during the 6 weeks holidays and guess what I was fed and kept alive even though she struggled. Just my say on thing sorry.



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