Happy easter, no easter eggs, and struggling to get help off companies (raising awareness for training for stammering)

Hey peeps, happy easter you lovely lot. I hope this goes through signal is proper crappy. I’ll post when I can and they will probably be short ones this weekend. I got nothing bad to say about easter, much unlike valentines and stuff, because you get chocolate, albeit they are flipping expensive. Your paying so muh money but if you melted the chocolate down you wouldn’t wven get half a bar. That being said it’s chocolate make sure you get good ones and they are worth it.

Do you remember me saying my son “can’t have sweets or chocolate”? Maybe I’ve not mentioned it, I dunno. Well refresher (or not) lil man can’t have chocolate or sweets because they send him hyper and along with his other problems, not a good combination. Yesterday got a text saying “don’t forget his easter egg”, confused as I was my reply was “I thought he can’t have chocolate and sweets”, but apparently he can have bits of chocolate now and then. Ok I’ll do anything for my son, but everywhere has sold out (I managed tobget one by the way, luckily, I know someone who knows someone, yeah someone who works in Tesco) like literally no easter eggs anywhere.

Also on the raising awareness for stammering/stuttering front, I’ve been trying damn hard to contact companies to help me make it come to light properly to make a difference. I’m sorry to say but it’s fucking hard, I feel like I’m being fobbed off and noone taking literally, so it’s going to be a long winding road. Help may be required.



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