A lovely day at work, an asshole at Tesco, and a little word of wisdom.

Happy good Friday people, I know many of you would have had today off work and I envy you. Not too much though because still mostly in lockdown so you can’t really do much, so I went and earned some money. I also got work tomorrow 6am till 2pm, then off till Tuesday, and because I worked today I’ll get double time Tuesday and a day in leu. So good times I say.

Years ago when I was loads younger, like still an apprentice younger, I used to think when they said day in leu I thought where the fuck is leu? and why the hell would I want to go there? is it in wales? they have weird names for places don’t they? As I grew up thankfully I grew some brains, and did figure out it was just an extra day off. hey give me a break I was fresh out of school and didn’t know much about the real world so you got to give me that.

Today started off cold but soon got warm, so I stripped down to my vest under my overalls (no you can’t see my pecks, they aren’t that impressive I promise you) so it was a lovely day to be at work really rather than sitting in the house not doing a thing. I took a picture at work so you can see how much of a nice day it was.

Yeah look at that, mechanics look sexy in the sun honest, but sorry no one was whiling to pose sexily for you peeps, maybe next time.

Also on the way home I popped to Tesco, and I saw something that boils my piss to no end. Some asshole parker in 2 spaces, yeah not just a little bit over the line, I mean parked square in the middle of 2 spaces. Here look.

I mean come on???

It would be understandable if they were disabled, but come on there are disabled spots closer to the store, or if they are disabled and can’t get a damn badge there are plenty of spaces still because they never get checked by the staff or anyone. I’m not being funny but it takes the piss don’t it? what also annoys the hell out of me is them proper assholes who park in the parent and kid spaces and they obviously do not have a kid, or then dickwads who sit in the car while in them spaces while their lazy ass partner can’t be arsed to walk an extra 5 steps. Many of arguments I’ve had with people over that while I been struggling to get my son out the car in the other spaces. As I said it boils my piss, we have entered a stage in humanity where we are surrounded by lazy, halfwit, selfish, fucktards who only think about themselves and never about anyone else. Come on tell me I’m lying. Tell me I’m in my own little world where all you see if selfishness and self importance dominating, and in real life everyone helps each other and everyone is considerate, because if that’s true then damn I want to wake up and experience this. Don’t get me wrong I know not everyone is like this, but it’s very hard to come by someone helping someone else they don’t know, people only tend to help themselves, and then bitch when they don’t get help when they need it. Where I’m quiet the opposite, or I like to think I am, I mean I’ve helped loads of people, and always will. I even find myself giving money to people more needy, like homeless people when I see them. Don’t get me wrong you know I’m not exactly rich, but I am richer than someone who’s got nothing. If I can help someone, even if it just to buy them a hot drink on a cold night then I will do my best to do just that. The reason I do this is because one day I may be in that same position, and I would like it if someone done the same for me. We need a better world. Help them people less fortunate than yourself.



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