The prop shaft fell off, scary moment, and a little bit of a blabbering on.

Hey peeps, it’s been a totally different day today eh?bloody freezing at times today. Work has been a bit of an all rounder, started off steady and quiet then ended up with more and more coming in. We had one recovered in today, pretty scary really the prop shaft (takes the drive from the gearbox to the diff. for those who don’t know) I got pictures so have a look.

Thats what it looked like when it turned up, lets just say I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the truck when that happened, but it could have ended up a lot worse. Anyway we didn’t have the parts in stock so that got temporarily abandoned. Straight forward replace.

It’s been a decent day, had a good laugh with the lads and some nice easy jobs. Only problem of the day was being told we start at 11am tonorrow instead of 1pm last minute just before finishing time, so it’s a good job I didn’t plan anything eh? It’s ok though people forget to mention things sometimes, esspecially when paperwork is piling up so not going to complain.

Also today I need to say thank you to the wordpress people (the company hosting my website) they helped me a lot today on getting information on why some people not recieving emails when I post new content also some people not being able to comment, so hopefully my blog before this one helps some of you out. Check it out if your having problems doing stuff. I’ve also changed a few things round like cleaned up the home page and put more info in the about me page so check them out too. Also more ways to contact me in the contact page, so I’d love to hear from you all, I’ll always reply to everyone no matter what. I’m very hands on and personal with all you awesome people and as I’m here to entertain you I would like to know more about you all so I can cater to you all. Also the feedback is awesome and gives me a big confidence boost, not fishing for compliments by the way.

Talking of fishing, I can’t wait to go fishing again, when I do I’ll share pictures of my catches with you, I also might start making up my own fishing bait again, I used to love doing that.

Anyway it’s getting late so I’ll let you sleep, but please you bunch of lovely awesome people keep coming back and bring friends. As my traffic through the website grows so will my income, when that finally starts paying, I’ll let you know when it does but apparently it should at the end of this month as the add revenue pays a month after. So wish me luck and I hope it’s helpful. So when you get time please check out all my pages and all the blogs you haven’t yet read. Can i also be cheeky and ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and share that with your friends too as I’ll be doing more videos soon. Find the link in the contact page. There you will also see the link to my twitter and messenger you can contact me on too. So yeah do what you can for me, and I’ll do what I can to keep you entertained.



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