Let’s not go down this hate filled road, bit about religion and racism, it’s nearly monday ….. chill

Hey peeps, so it’s sunday so let’s reflect on the week. It’s been a decent one and a long one personally. Few life issues and emotions up and down, I managed to do my 2nd video and on linked in it’s been noticed a few times and I had a message off someone who stutters saying I’m an inspiration. Also a few shares and a few people saying the messages i pointed out need to be shared so they did so. Now that’s a great feeling, to be noticed is an amazing feeling. To be thanked is another amazing feeling but to be called a hero is something else altogether. Now I’m not trying to be a hero but an inspiration I can get behind. I’m a step closer to taking to the drama class I told you about in a previous blog. It may now turn out to be a whole school so erm shit haha, I can do it if that’s what it takes to raise more awareness, and hopefully make a difference and ultimately stop bullying in schools would be amazing too, which goes hand in hand with teachers being made more aware that their students may struggle with talking in front of the class, personal experience as well as experiences I’ve read about. So yeah i hope it continues to pick up speed and makes a big defference with companies too.

In other news, I went to the shop not long ago and I found myself checking over my shoulder. Maybe I’m watching too many videos of all the shit thats going on, I dont know. Let me get this straight, I’m not scared of a fat lot, my biggest fear is loosing my son like I did my daughter, but she’s not totally lost, we shall meet again. Ok so I’m not ten men and never will be but I can put up a damn good fight if I need to, the thing I’m worried about is the backlash that I feel is unavoidable. By backlash I mean shit that will kick off in this country soon enough, I mean that teacher is still in hiding fearing for his life, as people will remember a teacher in (i think it was) france maybe I’m not sure, got murdered for showing a fucking photo. So it’s understandable he’s scared, but there’s been videos flying around about retribution and even some about muslims (not racist, if you think I’m racist then get off my blogs) wanting to change the way sex education is taught in schools. I mean come on how has it come from protesting outside the school of the “offending” teacher calling for him to get the sack to changing the way we teach our kids in school. I’m not being funny what so ever, AND AGAIN I’M TOTALY ANTI RACISM, but since when does it become too much? Why do we let people from religious backgrounds (see not picking on anyone in perticular) tell us how we teach our kids. All of a sudden it’s been blown into a big thing once again, and become what can only be seen as a religious take over. Once again nothing against muslims because muslims are some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking too along with Sikhs (who show the upmost respect to “the english man”) it is basically just some out spoken individuals trying to change the way of life here, not being funny but this is britain you live here (maybe born here) so you live by our customs. If i went to a muslim country and started saying teach your kids this way or change your laws to suit me, I’d be arrested or put to death legally or not. Britain is now a multi cultural society, lets all live side by side peacefully. But that being said, you live my our rules or go to a country thats ideal for your life and your beliefs, I mean for a country that is supposed to be practicing church of England or christianity or whatever (sorry I’m not religious or religiously minded so I’m sorry if im wrong) there are more mosques that churches. If I build a church in a muslic country it would get burned to the ground. I mean it’s fucked up how this country will end up in a civil war in the not so distant future. It’s fucked up how most wars are started because of religion. It’s true, most wars in the past is due to different people’s belief, with a lot of oil involved these days, but there are fanatics hiding behind religion too. Don’t let them win people even the muslims are scared of these terrorists, terrorists are not muslims, they are just using the muslim faith because they want to cause a divide and if we attack muslims because of the terrorists, for example, then more muslims will turn to their cause. Yes that is their long term recruitment stratergy, so don’t let this happen. Everyone needs to stand together.

Give racism a rest, give sexism a rest. Just give everything a fucking rest and show a sign of solidarity. That is the only way to bring order back to this country. Britain is Britain leave it the way it is. Fly that british flag proudly as a country, not as a racism claim but for solidarity as everyone in this country is a resident so they are british, quit with the “send them home” because they are home, most muslims/sikhs living here were born here so they are british too. Their ancestors may be from a “foreign land” but they are not. Not every muslim should be tarnished with the same brush same as the white person shouldn’t be tarnished with the same brush, same with black, brown or even green person.

Solidarity is key, don’t divide because that’s how you get conquered. Love your neighbour no matter what colour they are or what God they believe in or what their sexual oritlntation is. Get past the past and move forward together as a solid line of every one. Shove out the ones who preach hate, lets have a war against the actual ones who want to cause harm, not your neighbour. Respect each other and their beliefs, and also let me get this in here, don’t push your religion onto others, you believe what you believe and let me do the same. I believe in science not as a religion but as a fact. That’s just me, everyone is different but we are all the same.



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