Hate these protests now, and a little insight on what they look like to me, but summer is on the way woohoo.

Disclaimer – The views presented in this blog are mine, mine alone and not here to cause any disrespect or harm. What I say here is basically how I see things, please don’t cause an argument, FREEDOM OF SPEECH is still a thing (and i hope it stays a thing)

Hey peeps, hope everyones weekend is going ok so far. It’s a lovely day I’m glad its not raining. It’s a good sign the summer is coming, and I’m not going to lie but it’s about time this year. It’s felt like this winter has taken forever to be over, and the lockdown restrictions are coming to an end as planned so far so that’s a damn good sign too. Let’s just hope it carries on down this path, and we don’t follow Europe’s trend of cases flying high again. The way people are acting I don’t hold up much hope, it feels like we have become a nation of angry protests. Come on people, your protesting against police breaking up protests (because they get violent) and then them protests become violent, I mean what the actual fuck your proving them right and playing right into their hands. Mostly it’s just an angry mob hijacking protests just to cause violence or just to clash with police but grow the fuck up. I know yoir bored because you can’t go to the pub or to the football but it’ll be done sooner if you just stay the hell at home and wait it out, the more you protest and fight ect. The more this crap will spread, hence it’ll take longer for it to be a thing of the past. To be honest I think it’s mostly due to people being bored and frustrated. I mean all this shit didn’t bother you 2 years ago. Every little thing is being protested against these day like it’s a day out at the theme park. If you do feel like something means a lot to you then protest about it properly, do a sit in somewhere like the houses of parliament and don’t let it get violent at all just sit there soon enough you will still be ignored anyway, but do it safely and stay social distanced with masks, also a good way to cover more ground if your 2 metres away from each other. Why can’t you do it like they did years and years ago and just block a main road link, best way to bring country to a stop and get noticed, because the way protests are going now it just looks like your a violent mob instigating violence, your the ones that look bad, your the ones that look like twats on the news and your the ones they will use to prove their point not yours. In my opinion (yes in bold so noone can argue, freedom of speech preservation) I think most of these protests these days are a load of shit and just an excuse to be a tosser. During the BLM protests people were ripping up statues that have been there for many many moons, the people who ripped them up walked past these said statues for many many moons, and didn’t try rip them up, but during a protest they think it’s the right time, oh yeahbthey turned violent too. Why? Now you just look like an angry mob. Then the vigil, I agree fair play for showing your respects and it’s amazing to see, but that turned violent (we dont know the whole story how it became) but the videos I saw, noone was social distancing and not many masks were being worn. The police turned up, and yes because it was a copper that done what that fucker did, they end up blaming all coppers. So that turned violent, later the picture that became the main attraction, was a woman being held down by 2 officers, being arrested. Normal when being arrested and but seen as wrong because she was held by coppers (arms not legs, because we know what that leads too) and it was wrong because it was 2 male officers, but from the videos I saw there were women taking swings at coppers, say no more. Also said woman made a video after she was released saying it was a protest. Erm sorry but i thought it was a vigil? A vigil is remembering someone and paying respect not a protest, she then has 5 minutes of fame and tries to insight more protests countrywide, then some silly person in background shouted no worldwide, I mean that sounded very peaceful eh? Now we have this “kill the bill” protests, althought very fucked up naming, because the police are called “the old bill” in many parts of the country. So yeah many people, simple minds or not, may see that as kill the police, for fucks sake think about it.

The country feels like it on a downwards spiral and we need to even it back out again, I mean I could call up om all my fellow stammerers and protest about how we are treated (now that would be interesting) but it wouldn’t make no difference, that’s why I make my stand from where I sit. It may take longer but I will be heard and all that takes is people to take notice and share with their friends. Now I’m not bragging but it took a lot for me to make them 2 videos, but I done it and the outcome may or may not become what I want it to be, but at least I tried (by the way can I ask you all to share my videos from YouTube, it will help me a hell of a lot as It’ll help others too) simple as that. You can change the world with violence, because violence just causes more violence and then that is just a bit cycle of bullshit. I mean that teacher now is in hiding, whether he was right or wrong for doing what he done, even members of the muslim community have said just leave it be and take it as a learning curve, and even members of the muslim community are worried that will be hijacked now just for someone else tonprove a point. That’s how fucked up this country is becoming.

All I can say is be careful people and stay home and wait for summer it’ll be back to normal soon (albiet a different normal, but it’ll be normal enough soon) just wait till summer and then start enjoying life again, stop being angry over things you can’t change, stop fighting because its something to do, stop arguing with your neighbour because you believe something different to them. Just chill the fuck out. I know this time in life is frustrating, but we are a part of the futures history, and all they will remember in 30, 50, 100 years time is how fucking stupid were people?there was a deadly virus and all they can do is fuss, complain and fight. We will just be a lesson in the future, nothing more nothing less. So last thought of the blog is, be happy and live your own life, live it to it’s max and enjoy the time you have. Make friends and show love, help others and become the solution not the problem.



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