Using tights to tint back lights, and a bit of breakdown loveliness, keep them wheels turning.

Hey peeps, I’ve had an awesome day today. Most of today I’ve been out on breakdowns, it’s awesome when they decent and amazing when the weather has been like it has today. I love being out in the sun. On the way back I forgot to turn the beacons off so for 45 mins on the motorway I been flashing everyone. Yeah I’ve done that a few times (left the beacons on not flashed you weirdos) 1st one was a fuel leak, turned out to be a fuel filter, nice and easy. 2nd was a seatbelt, another nice and easy one but further out. This week has been so quiet, it’s a nice break but I like to stay busy.

Loving the breakdown life.

Finally got my windscreen fixed yesterday, but feels really strange not having a crack across my screen now. Might have to draw one on. I also tinted the back side windows just didn’t have enough to do the back window so need to get some more, that shit is difficult to get on at times. It bubbles and crinkles and doesnt slide very well it took me ages just to do 2 small windows the fucking thing.

Look no crack

Even though I love this car, I cant wait to get a new one. Well new second hand, I will never be able to afford a new new one. That being said I am greatful for this car, because it works and it’s perfect for what I need it for, and it sits at 90 just right and damn good on fuel for a 2 litre turbo. I can’t knock really but the glow plug need changing, I just don’t want to do it because it’s an aluminium plug going into a steel block. That may not mean much to many but yeah it wont be pretty if the thread strips in the block (the block being the engine by the way) it will not come out easily unless I have the engine red hot, so may have to do it after a long run maybe, but still working on my own car after working on trucks all day isnt my idea of fun these days. It’s true what they say, “never buy a car off a mechanic”, and by that I mean a proper mechanic who’s not obsessed with mechanicinising (yeah new word there you can use it) I work on trucks and love it but I don’t want to work on my own car is that bad? It’s not that i can’t be arsed, it’s the fact if something breaks then I’m going to be the one paying for it, that’s the part I don’t like. It’s still got an ABS fault but cars didn’t have ABS back in the old days and they were perfectly fine, and my car don’t skid out. That might be because I can control my car perfectly fine without computers assistance thank you very much.

That also brings back memories when I was younger, me and friends and bro and cousin used to fuck about all the time, don’t worry we wouldn’t fuck about on busy roads. Always on quiet roads on a sunday, yes sundays used to be when everyone stayed at home because no where was open, as it was a day of rest. We was mever like some of these idiots these days swerving through traffic risking peoples lives. There used to be an island on this trading estate which was always empty on a sunday evening, and it was called my island, I used to be able to drift round that island perfectly. There was also the times when we would play hide and seek tag, yeah we chose somewhere and hid and one the others would try find us and if you was found then your it obviously haha. We done that loads it was funny as fuck, but we was young so don’t judge. Yeah we modified our cars nothing special as we weren’t rich but we made do with what we got. I had a fiat punto 1.2 and it was class, as i say nothing special, I had a sexy exhaust it pirred like a lion and 17 inch alloys, awesome speakers and an amazing sub that was like chrome inside a plastic see through window, also had light inside so it glowed blue that thing was beautiful, also tinted window and we tinted out rear lights, not illegally because you could still see full on light through. You will never guess how we did it cheap, we didn’t pay hundreds for the professional shit, read this right you will be amazed, we went into Tesco into the clothes section, and brought some tights, yeah you know the dark black kind women wear to a night out, so we bought them went outside and removed our rear lamps respectively, and yeah you guessed it, put the lamps inside the tights. I went a step further and twisted round and went through again, so it was darker. Now ill tell you they looked so cool and you wouldn’t tell they were tights unless you touched them. They were stretched just enough to let the light through but not too much so they were dark. Everyone loved them, I also had blue sidelights at the front which looked sexy as hell. It was a time when the smurfs teddies were the thing at macdonalds happy meal. So we ended yp having loads of them just to get the smurf teddies, which we then hung under the bottom of our rear bumpers. We were the only ones doing it at the time so we always knew it was us when we spotted each other. Shit man they were the fun days, why the fuck do we have grow up? Living life with no worries and just taking each day as it comes.



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