Just a short one as doing my 2nd video tonight, please share it and like and comment.

Hey peeps, hope everyone is doing good midweek. Were half way there people. So I’m going to be doing another video, but this time I’m hoping to reach out to companies to train their staff to deal with people with a stutter/stammer. Please can everyone share and like and comment when I get it on YouTube. I would eventually want every company to be training their staff so people like me won’t have to worry about being laughed at or having the phone hung up on, amongst other things. So please help me spread the word when the time comes.

Today was a cool day, work hasn’t been too busy and we had a good laugh at. As we still haven’t got a radio that connects to the airwaves yet, I got my CDs out the car. So been having a good time sing song to old school rock tunes. I missed the big big boss man because he was in a meeting. He said he’s coming back next week to come see me so thats cool.

I don’t want to be boring peeps but I don’t really know what to say today, I’m sorry I’m just thinking about how to do this video and what to say. I don’t want to come across as begging but I do want to get my point across and make it happen. The audio should be better so wish me luck and as I said please help as much as possible and share and like and comment.i can’t do it alone and this means so much to me, I’d appreciate it with all my heart. I’ll post link in my next blog. Will be either tonight or in the morning.



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  1. Be the person you are Rob proud of you for doing what you going to do, people will take note

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