Had another mention on bbc radio 1 today, and a little meet up with the big big boss planned.

Hey peeps, let me start by saying sorry I didn’t blog yesterday I was having a bad day and was very very tired, and after work I was just sparked out for the evening and night. You didn’t miss much apart from shit all day. Today though was a better day. I felt like it went more smoothly, and feel like I succeeded. Mondays on earlies always seem to be crappy but I’m never usually cranky. A certain person was annoying me a lot until they realised I was overly pissed off then tried coming across as joking, ovbiously I wasn’t having it. So yeah happier day today so lets concentrate on that. Done a few jobs nothing overly exciting today, but felt more relaxed and chilled. There was no rush to get stuff done, it was a bit quiet so I ended up having a bit of a tidy up. Ready for tomorrow, oh yeah I’ve not told you have I? The managing director said he’s going to come down and shake my hand. Yeah big boss man mentioned on linked in what happened last tuesday and the very big boss man said he’s coming down. I was like wow. That’s pretty cool.

We also had a new lad join us last week at work, I can’t remember if I’ve told you. Ryan his name is and he’s cool and I like him but he’s taller than me I’m 6 ft and been called lurch a few times in the past, I think I’m filling out haha. Nah ill be skinny forever I think. But yeah large lurch is taller than me but he don’t scare me I’ll still pick on him watch. (Only joking large lurch, love ya really bro) his sister works as a drama teacher I think it was and she wants someone to give her drama students a life lesson, and yeah it’ll be me I’ve said I’ll do it but we waiting for after all lockdown finishes. So that’s kind of scary but exciting. I’ll try get the speech recorded if I can and if I’m allowed. I feel I’ve opened up a few opportunities and I’ll take what I can to gain more confidence, and if I can help others along the way then even better. Also got another interview in line so watch out for that.

I’ve also joined linked in now so I can post my blogs there too, i been told it’sa god place to get exposure. But I’m thinking of doing a second video to post on YouTube and linked in to encourage companies to train their staff to deal with people who have a stammer/stutter. I had another confidence boost today as I was mentioned on the radio again because they had thousands of messaged in support for me. So yeah I want to get it done. I want to make a difference. I want to help others understand and help others gain that confidence. I may do it tonight or tomorrow, I’m not sure yet. But heres to hoping eh.



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  1. I love How much your Confidence has built up and So Happy for you and Hope You Continue to help people and Keep Moving Forward


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