Removing a diff. and spring is upon us, bring on summer, it’s bloody warm.

Hey peeps, feels like summer is here already. I’m loving the sun and the warmth after the cold winter we have had. Also had an awesome day yesterday, I took oit the diff. Of a truck (some call it the final drive, or differential gear) it transferes the power from the prop shaft, which comes from the gearbox (I’ve shown you a clutch change before in a previous blog) which then transferes the power to the half shafts which then goes to the drive wheels, for those who don’t know. I’ve included a video of getting it into the workshop, edited to hide the registration best I can as I don’t have proper editing software to blur out the registration (if someone can do for me for future videos or point me in the right direction that would be awesome) I done that just in case the customer doesn’t want to be identified. It’s all aboit respect and privacy. So yeah the 1st video is what the reason for to remove the diff. You can hear the clonking as it drives and also the truck jerks as you will see why in the pictures, it was safe to drive into workshop as the diff. Is already buggered and will not damage anything else in doing so, otherwise we would have pushed it in.

Listen to the diff clonking, video taken by my work college lil Jack as I drove it in
Easiest way to get it out, only pallets ingured during the process, heavy fucker

It’s now awaiting parts, the new diff. will arrive today so maybe I’ll get to put it in. I really enjoyed doing it and had a little assistance off some of the lads as the prop shaft bolts are neigh on impossible to remove as the flange is difficult, so if volvo in sweden read this please adjust and give us just more millimetres on the flange and make the bolts towards the edge just a bit more so we can use more leverage, that would be amazing.

Here’s a funny one big Jack just sent to me so I had to put it in here just a little advice.

Radio solves everything.

Here’s a few more to show you mechanics life.

How true is that?
Also contradicts what big Jack sent.
More advice if you fuck up.

It was hot yesterday so for the 1st time this year i had overalls round my waist doing the diff. as I was sweating my balls off, but it’s better than freezing my ass off. I love summer but I love spring more just the way thing start waking up and coming back to life it’s anazing how the world works. I like to take pictures as I’ve been told a few times I’m a pretty good photographer, so I’ll post some up when I do another blog. I’m pretty nifty with the camera and some of the settings. Also pictures are awesome because every single one is different, as everything changes every second so each picture you take something is always different, even if it’s minuscule you will never get that picture again. Even if it looks the same it will always be different in one way otlr the other so I encourage people taking pictures. If you have any pictures you want staring in my blogs just send them through I’ll get them on and also into the picture gallery page.



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