Happy sunday, and just a bit of weekly summary.

Hey peeps, happy sunday. I’ve only just woken up. I haven’t slept very good over the past week but i feel loads better now after a decent lay in. It’s been a weird week but a decent one. Yesterday I was pretty late for work which i was very gutted about. I hate being late for work but I slept through my alarms, it very rarely happens but when it does it feels proper shitty. It’s been a long week and it sometimes catches up with you. Work has been really busy but i like it when it’s busy, theres nothing worse than having a quiet day at work because the day drags on. I feel like i need to apologise for the past week as I’ve not really been doing much to entertain through my blogs. This week has been mostly about my stutter/stammer, but in my defense it has been a very large leap for me and I’ve deserved my bragging rights this week as I’ve taken a big step in my stammering. I mean I spoke on the radio which you know about (yes its a weekend summery) and then I done a video for YouTube. It feels crazy what I’ve done but also a very proud moment in my life. I just really hope it helps others in a way of not holding themselves back, but also helping people understand what its like to have a stutter. As I said in my video it’s not easy having a stutter it’s very difficult and it’s even worse when your talking to someone who isnt very educated. So that’s the whole reason I done what I did.

My video has just gone past 100 views, I dont know if thats good or not but it feels good. The sound quality isn’t the best as I don’t have any professional gear but I’m not sure if I should try redo it or just expand on it. I’ve had a few people say it was awesome and a couple say they cried, I just hope people are sharing because i want to spread awareness and help others and educate the uneducated. It’s not about fame or popularity. I would do anything to make others lives better or make people more aware. It would feel amazing if it got to the point where companies actually had to train their staff to deal with people like me. Life would be so much easier for so many people.

Ill be doing more blogs today because I don’t feel ive done many this week so I hope I can do more but working lates at work is a killer at times.



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