Happy birthday lil man, I love you.

Just want to say happy birthday to my son. He’s 7 today, where does the time go? Makes you feel old. He’s amazing and perfect in every way. He was born at 33 weeks weighing only 3Lbs 3 at hos 28 week scan we found out he had stopped growing at 25 weeks. They wanted him out via the sunroof asap but no NICU cots were available. We was nearly sent to Glasgow or Edinburgh can’t remember. But not long before was set to travel (ex by ambuance me by car) there became a cot available at Worcester. So we got lucky in that sense. I got to hold hin 1st and i cried he was so small. NICU wasn’t a very nice place to be, it wasn’t nice seeing all those fragile babies stuck in a see through box, that was keeping them alive. Lil man was in one too and he became jaundiced. So blue light it was. The once i got him out and, to set the scene, I’ll tell you how small he was, he went down to only 3Lbs, I put his nose against mine and his body barely came past my chin. That’s how small he was and there were smaller babies in there. The staff there were amazing. He was there for a few weeks when a cot became available at walsall, so he got transported to their NICU. Not as nice there and less personal, the staff were great but loads less personal. We once came in and he had a blanket over his head and the blinds were closed, obviously we thought the worse. But it turned out he had just slipped below the covers (he wasn’t placed at the bottom of the cot where they supposed to be so they DON’T do that exact thing) when we realised he was ok I went a bit mental at the staff at the time. Yeah I look back now and they have loads of cots but when its your kid you don’t think like that at the time. Anyway a week later he was finally allowed home. All these years later he’s still small for his age but he’s just as perfect. He’s been diagnosed with autism amongst other things. He’s obsessed with buildings and world flags and shop signs. He makes me laugh every time I see him and also cry when I got to leave him. He keeps me going in this crazy world and I love him with all my heart and soul. Happy 7th birthday lil man, I love you so much always and forever.





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  1. Love in it’s purest form, nothing even comes close. – THEPLAINANDSIMPLEGUY

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