Recording my 1st Vlog today, will be about stammering/stuttering, also another thank you to you.

Hey peeps, happy friday. Hope everyone has had a good week. As you know its been an eventful week, but an awesome one. Work has been killing me off its been very busy and the past couple day without a radio we have had to entertain ourselves. So yeah you can imagine we have been a bit savage but it’s all in jest. Its been a fun week to be fair.

So update on other things. I’ll be recording my 1st Vlog today after work so wish me luck. My 1st one will be talking about my stutter. I think its just fitting and will be perfect for my 1st Vlog. As I want to continue raising awareness for stammering/stuttering. I will be recording it on my phone obiously as I dont have proper recording stuff. The Vlogs I do will be posted on here, twitter and YouTube. Esspecially the stammering/stuttering one because that’ll be to raise awareness. But same as my blogs I’ll be talking about my own personal experience with my issues and what I’ve been through and how I’ve mostly overcome it. Hell I may not even stutter because I’ll be pretty much talking to myself (which I do all the time) but once I realise the whole world can see it it may all go to shit haha. Either way I’m doing it, I will not be editing it as I don’t know how so it’ll be the same as my blogs. I may make some notes because my mind is like a sieve at times but mostly just names.

Who know it may lead to bigger things, but thats for the future and see what happens. I’m not doing it to become famous or rich. You regulars should know that, I’m not a money orientated person, but if I can make some cash from it at least I can mostly put it back into my blogs and Vlogs and website. Even though I’m still in 20k of debt, that’s my problem that i need to sort out myself. I let people take advantage and I own that. But as I said we will see what the future holds eh?

I do put a lot of work into these blogs and will continue to do so and even with my future Vlogs I shall co tinue to do the same, but it will never feel like a job as I said before I enjoy this and always will. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of this and being a part of my life. As i said before this wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for you (my readers, soon to be watchers) coming here and reading the shit I talk about haha. It wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for you so I will always appreciate each and every one of you. It isnt very big just yet and I’m not getting 1000s of views every day. Hell I’m not even getting 100s of views a day but I hope that’ll change soon I want this to be blowing up esspecially now I’ve gotten into raising awareness for something I’ve suffered with most of my life starting from childhood. As I will be doing this awareness thing I will still comtinue to do blogs about other things. I don’t want you getting bored do I? So yeah wish me luck peeps I think I’ll need it.

Also any new people explore the site and enjoy. There are loads of blogs and many are personal. But there will be plenty more to come. There are many other pages to explore just go to the menu at the top of the screen. Also sign up to the email so you don’t miss out on new content.



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