Adblue problems, and a little praise for work.

Hey peeps, finally finished work. Well an hour ago anyway. It’s been a tough one today feels like its been a very long one and I’m fluffed. Even though only done one job (if you ever worked with adblue and wiring before you will understand) and it was a rough one, and doesn’t help when someone breaks the connection plug so you cant release it to inspect it properly. Yeah one of them grrr and ouchies job. Such a pain in the arse but when you finally get there it feels like a success, such a pain in the arse but relieved and satisfaction when you fix something that has been giving you a brain ache all day. Luckily I had Tom give a little advice which pointed me in the right direction, I will admit witing side of adblue fucks me up but at least I was given the opportunity to learn something new and by god I learned sonething new.

So as promised I’m going to be doing my 1st Vlog tonight, just give me chance to clean up a bit and get my makeup sorted to look all snazzy haha. I’m nervous now but once it’s out there it’ll either be awesome of shitty, I will not be editing the videos i do (I wouldn’t know how too) so it’ll be raw and unfiltered, I’ll only pause the recording now and then if i need to move or life problems turn up. I’ll either share it here on a new blog or post links to where you can find it. The video will be posted on YouTube and twitter, I’m not sure whether I’ll stutter doing it or not. If I do so be it I’m not embarrassed anymore. It’s a part of me and I will be raising awareness for people like me I just hope the message gets out there enough for there to be a change, A change in people’s reaction to it and a change in companies approach to it. I will say though the company I work for have always accepted me for who I am and always understood that I stutter and always helped me with it when and how they can. They have never judged me or dismissed me just because I can’t talk properly. They are great with me to be fair and they have always treated me equally and that’s all I can ask really. (They are recuiting new technicians so anyone around looking for work as a HGV technician go check it out, or contact me I’ll point you in the right direction, search for Hartshorne volvo, visit the site and find it from there, or contact me and I can put you in touch with the relevant people, this is not an advertisement and I am not getting paid for this)



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  1. Your Video was Amazing 😊 Can’t wait for more

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