Strange few days all round, and a special thanks to Travis and Will

Hey peeps, hope everyone has been ok. I’m sorry I don’t feel like I’ve been on top of my blogs the past couple of days. Don’t worry I’m not giving up, jist the past couple of days have been strange (in a good way). Work has been mental, and Tuesday I didn’t finish until 2am so still tired from that. No more overtime for me this month I don’t want to break CMS payments and let them go sky high again because it’ll fuck me uo for a year. As the more I pay the more I’ll have to rely on overtine and I don’t want to get stuck in that cycle again.

Let me also explain what I mean by strange couple of days. As you know I did what I did and got a loads of response on Twitter, well I also got a load of messages off people who stammer/stutter saying I’m inspiring. I’ve never been called that before never lone a hero, but as I’ve had my 5 minutes of fame (was actually 2 and half minutes) I’ve been told by many to ask about going onto the radio show and doing a full piece. I’m overwhelmed to no explination. I would do it because it would inspire others even more and if it helped other realise a stutter shouldn’t hold you back then even better. It sounds scary as hell as 2 and half minutes were scary enough. It’s also convinced me to definitely do Vlogs. Don’t worry I’ll still be doing blogs but my Vlogs would go on here and twitter and YouTube and maybe Facebook. We will see how that goes. It would be amazing if I even get half the response I got from appearing on the radio for a couple of minutes. Watch this space peeps and let me know what you think. I’m just hoping I don’t chicken out, haha it should be fun and I’m going to do it peeps. Also here is the link to the radio show I was on go to 1 hour and 12 minutes.

1 hour and 12 minutes is where blow your own trumpet starts. (Screenshot taken from the bbc sounds website)

Before i go any further I’d like to say thank you to scott mills and chris stark obviously they were amazing while talking to me before the actual show and during the recording. But also to Travis Walby and Will Wilkin the producers who I also spoke too and treated me with the upmost respect and patients. I’ve never had a phone call (with strangers) like it in my life. They made me feel so welcome and calm and made sure i was chilled and helped me through the call with ease. It was very surprising to actually have a phone call and feel so welcome. Which is unusual for a stammerer/stutterer. So these 2 heros behind the scenes need a mention too.

So we also need a new radio for work as Art took it with him when he left. Fair enough it was his radio but now it’s like working in a grave yard how quiet it is. Its got to the point where we been asking James to sing for us, you will read more about him as he has a band and I’ll be doing a blog about him and his band at some point. I’ll also be promoting his band and their 1st music video, so when I get details I’ll jump on that blog straight away. Also there’s a strange thing going on with the supervisor, we are getting along really well and he’s been really decent just lately it’s weirding me out but it’s better than a bitching session or argument so I’ll take it. It’s been an awesone week. So lets hope it continues that way.



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