#ICantSayMyName, I was on the radio, and the outcome has been amazing.

Wow peeps, just wow. As I said in yesterdays blog (yes was only a short one and the only one of the day, but you will read why shortly) I was going on BBC radio1. Well if you didn’t listen to radio1 just after 2pm I’ll tell you i did. It was only for a few minutes but the outcome has been amazing. Twitter was going mental all day and still is, I mean it made my phone die at one point. Here’s a little snippet after i just wanted to say thank you to scott mils and chris stark and also to the amazing felicity baker (producer and stammerer and the reason they done i cant say my name) and sophie raworth (shes a broadcaster on bbc news) they done the show on bbc1 last week about stammering/stuttering.

Hundereds of people commented and shared and liked all across the board and also loads of people done their own tweets about me and people have called me a hero and even a superhero, also called me an inspiration and a few called me a legend and I’m here like wow I wasn’t expecting this much exposure. I’ll tell you now I almost chickened out and said no but the phone call came and I just went for it.

It was scary but felt awesome. Even scott mills said they have had so many messages about it. I’m slightly overwhelmed and really don’t know what to say, for someone like me to be called an inspiration. It’s unprecedented but an amazing confidence boost, some have even said bbc radio1 should get me on the show to do a full on interview to bring more awareness to stammering/stuttering. I would do it that would be cool, scary but cool. As I’ve said before if i can help even just 1 person through my life get through some shit, then I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I would really like it so companies would get training to help them become aware some of their customers have a stutter, and help their staff deal with us. I have had so many bad experiences like places hanging up the phone on me because I’ve been stuttering. I’ve had people say say the line is breaking up, and interupting me when the call doesn’t go their way because if I’m interupted my stutter gets a lot worse, also even had people say they can’t understand me ect. It’s really not nice making a phone call but can also be worse face to face as they see you struggling and look at you in a weird way but some have even said are you ok do, are you going to pass out or do you need a seat. I’ve even had to walk away before now out of embarrassment and also have other people staring from across the room of shop because they don’t understand whats going on, ive had strangers laugh in my face or call me retarded (sorry I hate that word) because they just purely don’t understand they have never been educated. This is very upsettig and can make you feel isolated as you avoid talking to people or making phone calls. It can be depressing to the point of no return. I’ve experienced loads and I’ve been to my lowest low because of my stutter or the way people have reacted. It’s upsetting to know that not many people understand it even though it is a lot more common that people think. Some people hide it well and I wish I could but never been able too. Some hide it from their own families but from my experience I envy them because I wouldn’t know how.

Stammering/stuttering isn’t generally something that comes and goes. Usually if you have a stutter it’s with you forever, and this needs to be dealt with, because yes we may be able to control it to a certain extent but it will never ever go. It is a part of us and you need to accept it and others need to be educated. It shouldn’t be a taboo or something thats hidden it should be embraced and accepted.



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  1. Well done Rob!๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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  2. Well done Rob ๐Ÿ‘very proud of you I would like to say a big thank you to Scott Mills and Chris Stark for taking there time to listen to my son and not judging him thanks guys from the bottom of my heart

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