Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there, I love you mum EVERYDAY.

Hey peeps, 1st things 1st happy mothers day to all the mothers out there. Mostly happy mothers day to my mother, you have always been there for me mum, your amazing. I love you mum forever and a day I don’t know how I could have gotten through life without you, your awesome and perfect and everything a mother should be.

As I’ve said before I believe mothers should be appreciated every day not just today. Occasions like mothers day have all been monitized. Even though its nice to treat your mother it also shouldn’t be limited to one day.

I for one know I don’t show my mother appreciation everyday and noone can say they do, but there is noone more better than your mother, and noone you should feel more close to than your mum (apart from your kids but thats a given) shes the one who gave you life, but that being said it’s not all about giving you life itself it’s about giving you a life (that also means adoptive mothers) a mother is someone who would do amything for you, and go to the ends of the world and through hell and come back out the other end as strong as she went in. I for one can say my mother has always done that for me, she’s struggled through life but always provided, she’s been through shit and always given me the best life. She has never really had a lot of money but she has always had food on the table and a roof over our heads. She has always made ends meet to keep me and my 2 brothers alive, happy and appreciative. I wouldn’t change my mum for the world, she is my queen and an inspiration and no matter how bad things have got she never left my side. We may not speak every day but when I call shes there for me and if I need her to be she will be by my side like a flash. She’s had her own struggles but never failed to be my mum, she is the perfect example of a perfect mother.

Let me just say I appreciate you mum and everyday and I love you with ever fibre on my being everyday. Happy mothers day mum you are my queen.




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