A new guy at work, goodbye to another, and maybe a Vlog coming about me and my stammer/stutter (Expanding) #ICantSayMyName

Hey peeps, so monday has come and gone. Sorry I’m late today, with driving and sorting car insurance and then sorting an apppintment to get my windscreen sorted finally then seeing lil man then having to go to work, which then brings about other shit like breakdowns (I’ve done a few today) then on way back from the last one, the drive back to the yard went past the exs place so I told her to get lil man by the window so I can put beacons on as I drive past, he loved it and got excited. So that was awesome to make his day. Then popped to the shop to get me and big Jack a drink and the supervisor some fig rolls (no I wasn’t sucking up, I was being nice haha) yes I was being nice to the supervisor for once hooray me yeah?

A new lad started today, Ryan. He’s a good lad, and seems cool. He was put with me so we had a good chat about many things so I think he will fit in well. He’s not been picked on yet so he’s got a rude awakening coming to him, he starts on my shift properly tomorrow so lets see how he handles us full force. Good luck bro, you will need it.

So yeah we say hello to a new comrade and goodbye to yet another, mr Art he’s gone to work for Renault and was his 1st day today, my youngest brother works there and my ex boss too so lets see how that goes. Pick on him good bro he loves it.

Last week we had our PDPs (personal development plans) it’s something this company does to keep an eye on how we are developing as people and techs, and also lets them k ow what kind of training we need or want ect. So yeah mine was pretty good and once again I’ve been told I can probably get put through my HGV licences, but yeah had them promised from day 1. I’ve also asked for more training and experience doing Volvo engines and gearboxes as I was put through my apprenticeship at keltruck (scania) so theres slight differences but at the end of the day an engine is an engine, so I’ve asked to do more engine rebuilds which will be fun.

Also my friends I’ve been thinking hard today about start doing Vlogs. Yeah video blogs, and I thought my 1st Vlog should be explaining what I’ve been through with my stutter, as when I done that blog about the stammer/stutter programme on BBC1 last week I had the highest views I’ve ever had in one day when I was talking on twitter about it. So yeah I’m thinking I should do one at least and see how it goes, it may succeed or may fail. As you know I don’t edit my blogs so I wouldn’t edit my Vlogs. That way people will see my stutter in all its glory and also see that I have overcome it and how. Maybe it will help others. As I’ve said before I dont do this to become famous or rich but I do this to get the shit out of my head and if I can help people then I will feel I’ve succeeded, even if it only helps 1 person that will be a big achievement for me. It’s also not just about my stutter it’s about my other life experiences. So maybe I can help mulitple people and that will help my confidence at the same time. So yeah a video will be coming soon I think and I’ll post it in a blog here before I post it on YouTube maybe and if it looks dumb or stupid I know you peeps will tell me straight and stop me embarrassing myself haha, well I hope you fuckig would. Time will tell eh? So wish me luck peeps and lets see where this ride will take us.



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