#BLM?…. Every life matters (#EvLiMa), love your neighbour (black, white, brown or blue) stop racism NOW


Hey peeps, the world is going mad I swear to god. We got that Meghan slating the royal family, love them or hate them it’s wrong to be doing it from across the big puddle, it just reminded me of diana doing her interview. At least she was more believable (because there was evidence and people saw it) and loved by everyone, and actually treated like shit. Personally I think Meghan has just been watching too much of the crown on Netflix, and now Piers Morgan getting flack for voicing his opinion on things. Jesus fucking hell is freedom of speech a thing of the past? You can’t say fuck all these days without someone crying, we got a world full of fairies and mouthy keyboard warriors these days.

I mean come on even this black lives matter stuff is getting out of hand. They were protesting and marching in the street during a fucking pandemic (I’ve said epidemic  in past posts which is wrong, as an epicemic is restricted to a region or area and a pandemic is spread across multiple countries so I’m sorry for that peeps) then people started ripping historical statues up and vandalising historical shit. I mean come the fuck on what’s the point in that? You can’t change the past, all you can do is make a better future and create an example for the young ones and their kids by being better people. I mean shit like slave trade was was abolished in 1807 (25th march 1807 to be exact), king george the 3rd signed the Act to abolish the transatlantic slave trade as it passed through parliament, in 1833 the slavery Abolition act is passed by parliament ending black slavery. Don’t get me wrong all ex slaves were forced to do apprenticeships (working for their old “masters”) up until 1838. So technically slavery wasn’t fully abolished in practice until then. But seriously people that was 183 years ago (going from the last date that black slavery was totally ended). It was ended by an English king and English parliament, yes it was a horrible time and a lot of bullshit happened that I do not agree with but it was made right in effect when it was abolished, albeit was a long time and it was slow going but it was made right in the end. Don’t get me wrong racism has never ended and it is about time it was. But for fuck sake every conversation I hear about racism is brought up at every single oportunity. Its time to move on people. Racism may never end be it a white person being racist to a black or a black person being racist to a white, yes it goes both ways. The only way to deal with it is to ignore it and they will get bored in the end, may it take a few days or may it take a few years or decade’s it will end. The way i see it is a black person is a person a white person is a person a brown person is a person a mixed race person is a person. We are all people and i personally don’t see a white person or a black person or brown person, I just see a person. Simple as that. But at the moment all I see is people hell bent on a race war.

Look at it this way why the fuck you protesting and hashtagging and arguing about racism. I see black people working next to white people, also black people living next door to white people, and shopping next to each other, driving their cars next to each other. White, black and brown all round every colour, race and religion are treated equally these days, it is only the odd few that treat people differently but that’s not a colour in a whole. For example if a white man was being nasty or racist to a block man then that white man is responsible for his actions only, not the rest of white people. Yes I totally agree racism is a problem that needs to be solved and irradicated but it needs to be educated properly, not protested about, and definitely not solved by more violence or destruction. Let the past be the past, it’s life lessons so it doesn’t happen again, them statues people tore down were not to celebrate racism but to be examples of we are better than that and people should see them that way. People protesting and being violent to prove their point are just as bad as the racists they are protesting about. Instead of all this bullshit how about we pass the message on like #EvLiMa (Every Life Matters) because #BLM seems a bit racist in some peoples eyes (not my opinion, so no hate mail please) but if we use EvLiMa it includes Everybody and isn’t that the end game? Everybody equal, Everybody treated the same, Everybody under one flag. Every life matters. #EvLiMa



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  1. We need #BLM until every life is equal. It’s very difficult to say nicely that, with all due respect, if you are white, male, and heterosexual, you will have few opportunities to see any other perspective.
    I have spent a lifetime battling latent sexism and, 46 years AFTER the Equality & Diversity act came to be (it has had various titles but started in 1975) we have a long way to go still.
    Trust me on this.
    I was disgusted that so many elements of MSM, and social media, chose to spend International Women’s Day dragging Megan to hell, when we still have serious issues affecting women in 2021, such a FGM, domestic violence, poverty, Gender Pay gap, to name a few.
    Educate yourself, my friend, BEFORE you decide on your opinion. This blog is an ideal opportunity to do this. Disappointing

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    • Hey JJ, i respect your view and totally agree but thats basically what I was trying to say everyone should be treated equal. If you read the part where I say Every life matters it was to say everyone white black brown male or female (as well as others like gender neutral ect. Too many to name these days with all due respect) the issue I was trying to address is the violence that come with the protests and the utter distruction that comes with that too. (Maybe I didn’t write it too well so I apologise) but the fact the matter of the subjects aren’t addressed properly makes things worse. Martin luther king didn’t went the nonviolent approach and didnt go out fighting with police or ripping out statues to prove his point and look where that got things. Yes he was assassinated but that wasn’t him enticing violence. He made a stand and it took him many years to reach his goal. Don’t get me wrong his goal still hasn’t been fully reached but violence isn’t the answer. ON BOTH SIDES may I add. What I was trying to preach was everyone needs to stick together and to make a point. I was subjected to a racist attack when i was 15. But i don’t blame anyone it was due to bad education. Equality needs to be educated and eradicated with the next generation its too late to teach old dogs new tricks but we are slowly getting there. I just feel we get somewhere then take 10 steps back. Also I didn’t say we don’t need #BLM I was just saying we also need #EvLiMa.
      Thank you for your view JJ, I appreciate the comment and freedom of speech thats why I always aprove all comments (I don’t know how to turn it off so I don’t need to approve so I will look into that) and don’t be disappointed please it is a very large learning curve.


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