More of my stutter, #stutterstammeraware.

Hey peeps, I’m half way through a blog about racism and then a documentary caught my eye on bbc1. It was called – I cant say my name: stammering in the spotlight. I had to watch it so now I’m onto this blog. It’s actually awesome that the BBC have done this documentary because apart from my friends and family not many people understand it or recognise someones stutter. I’ve had the phone hung up on me even with professional phone calls like to my car insurance and even times I’ve called the CSA (child maintenence agency) to sort things out they have hung up on me, even delivery shops have too. Get this right even 999 did before now. How fucked up is that? I mean it’s not in anyones roster to teach public service or company phone handlers about people who struggle to talk. Even in shops I’ve had funny looks off the cashiers or customer services or shelf stackers (when I try to ask for directions to produce I can’t find, ect) it’s not a nice feeling at all. In fact it’s down right degrading and it hurts like hell when your not taken serious. I’ve had people say are you ok? And what the fuck? And are you retarded? Amonsgt other things. A person who stutters/stammers is usually overlooked, or ignored, and in some cases made to feel an inch tall. Even though I don’t class it as a disability, it actually should be. Take it this way a person who can’t walk is classed as disabled, so why is it not the same for someone who cant talk? As someone can’t walk can’t do certain things, someone who can’t talk can’t either. A stutter/stammer stops you from communicating, stops you from socialising, stops you from engaging in group conversations, stops you from making a phone call. All this in fear of being left out (because you can’t keep up with the conversation, or you ruin the flow of conversation) or the fear of being ignored, which has happened to me many times. Even with people I trust and love. You see noone really understands what it’s like to have a stutter unless you have one as bad as me in the past. I’m lucky I’ve accepted its a part of me and in doing so I’ve learned to control it a load better, yes I still have moments when i struggle like a fucker, or days where I can’t get a word out, but there are people out there suffering in silence and it’s not fair. I know I’m going on now but I’m passionate about this because I suffer, and I suffer in silence a lot even now. So please let’s get stutter/stammer aware and make it a thing.



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