Don’t be an asshole, karma bites like a shark.

Hey peeps, I was going to ask you lot a question but it wouldn’t be an easy outcome. I was going to put up a vote and ask would you prefer if I done my blogs same time every day, but then I realise that wouldn’t be viable unless i done them after 10pm (UK time) but then on lates i sometimes do overtime so that wouldn’t always work out, or do you like it at random times just as a surprise? But just found out I cant put a vote up on a blog so leave me a comment let me know. (Go to the bottom to comment) just for the record I shall be continuing to be random due to my circumstances and working odd shift patterns, but it would be nice to know anyway for future reference. As in future (just speculating it may never happen) I’m now hoping I can get paid enough to actually do this full time. If I can make it so I can get enough money to surpass what I’m paid now then I would definitely do this full time. Meaning I could do more with this blog and website, but we will see what the future brings, as I may soon be doing videos on YouTube as mentioned before. Shit that would be funny I hear some of you say, and I also hear some of you saying yeah there’s not enough time on a YouTube video for you to talk with that stutter. Haha fuck off I’d say in jest. Yeah friends take the piss out of me sometimes and I just find it funny because I’ve realised in recent years that its a part of me, I even take the piss out of myself, that’s how I deal with it. Granted I take the piss back 10 times worse but it’s all good fun.

I saw on Facebook today on a mechanics group about lending tools. I’ve come to realise how many assholes there are in this trade and ill show you what they put and my reply, you know I dont hold back so i just went for it. Here have a look.

There are a hell of a lot of selfish people around these days and its bullshit. If you have the means to help someone why not do it? It’s like i borrowed a friends battery operated half inch gun a couple weeks ago and I mistakenly left it in the truck of a breakdown, yes I was pissed off and gutted but I promised to replace it, and mitchel was cool and understanding and didn’t bitch at me once and gave me time to sort it out so I wasn’t out of too much pocket now that people is a damn good friend and a cool bloke, and today I’ve just don what i promised. I found a battery gun and I’ve brought it to give to him. I’m a couple hundred quid down but I owed him and hes over the moon with it. My angel helped me out a bit there, but thats another example of someone helping someone in need. You see helping someone isn’t a bad thing and costs you nothing. Being an asshole costs you a lot. Maybe not money but it’ll cost you a friend or can even cost you assistamce when you greatly need it. If anything, please take this away with you today, if you help someone today they will help you when you need help the most, but if your an asshole and refuse to help someone then I’m sorry when you ask for help they have every right to tell you to get fucked and watch you drown in your problems. As I’ve said before karma is a bitch and she bites like a fucking shark.

Personally I help everyone when I can, I can’t say no. It’s not because I’m a push over, it’s because I believe everyone struggles sometimes and I’d like to think someone would help me when I need it, and to be fair its worked out pretty good for me so far.

Anyway I hope everyone is good, we are nearly half way through the week so keep your chin up. I’ve had a shitty day really with work but I got cheered up by lil man at the park so happy days. I’ll probably do another blog tonight so keep eye out for it. Not sure what it’ll be about yet but you know i don’t plan.



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