You may have everything, but you may NOT ever own it, think about that when you look down on someone who may actually OWN more than you.

Hey peeps, hope everyone is doing well. So its Monday eh? Another start to another week, this is getting tiring now being stuck in all the time, bring on the summer so we can get out more eh? I need to get out I’m bored shitless. As I’ve said before I’m not a big drinker but I really can’t wait to go to the fucking pub. I also just want to go for a very long drive and chill driving for hours, and maybe just randomly go places with no destination planned and see where I end up. I’ve not been abroad for many many years but I wanna get on a plane and go places. Also as I’ve said before I want to make more of my life and live it. This has made me realise there is more to life than working your life away and hiding away in your house. I hope a lot more people feel the same as too many people waste away life. They think money is the be all and end all for everything so they have to over work, trust me I know I have been there. It’s not good to kill yourself for money. All i can say people is don’t live beyond your means, and be careful with your money. Get your life sorted as early as possible and don’t make harsh decisions, follow your heart within reason and appreciate what you have, don’t pine for what you want. Don’t get into debt just because you want to impress friends or family or strangers, live your life the way you want not what people expect. Don’t live to other peoples expectations. So what if you haven’t got the latest designer clothes, who cares if you drive a smart car instead of an Audi.

Yes I know people may look down on you because you don’t have money, or the right clothes, or a sexy car, or even a big tool box full of snap on shit (yes as you can probably tell, ive experienced this) and if people look down on you or take the piss out of you for any of these reasons then they arent worth knowing, and they obviously haven’t got a life as they need to compete, it isn’t an alpha thing its just plain ignorance, and they think they are better than you. Obviously they are not as we all come into the world the same way (well nearly its either through the natural way or the sun roof) and we sure as hell leave this world the same way. I may not be able to spend £1000s on snap on shit, I personally don’t give a fuck. I got my tools and they work for me, i have a 17 year on Peugeot thats a bit knocky but it fucking works. It is fine for me for what I need, yes i do enjoy a bit of g force and speed but guess what, my bag of shit is pretty damn nippy, accelerates quick and can sit at 90 on the motorway purring away without skipping a beat. Thats all I need and I’m happy and I don’t give a fuck what people say behind my back or what they think of me. All i can say is if you have something to say about me at least do it to my face so i can laugh along with you, or agree with you that I’m a twat. I’ll always be me and I’ll never change for anyone.

That wasn’t a rant by the way I’m just telling it the way it is, as i always do. I’m not scared to upset anyone especially the stuck up tossers of the world, you can be rich and down to earth. Try that now and then. But also not limited to rich people, it also goes to the people who “have their life sorted” but they don’t realise they are in debt. Think about this peeps you may “own” a house with a mortgage but guess what thats not your house its the banks, yes if you lost your job tomorrow and couldn’t afford to pay your mortgage the bank will take your house away. Yep so there you go not your house until mortgage is paid off. Also you may “own” your car on finance but guess what? Yes you guessed it not your car, if you miss a payment it’ll get taken away. So yeah you stuck up twats of the world arent so well off yourself as you have to pay off your possesions monthly and can be taken away as fast as you got it. Its the same with tools you don’t own them until you have no payments left to pay snap-on. Now that was a rant my friends haha. At least I own my car right out (yes it was only £400 but it was still paid off straight away) and I own all my toolsas I get what tools I need when I can afford them, hence MY tools. No I don’t own a house but I live in my home that I pay for each month without fail. I’m in a hell of a lot of debt but I’m paying it back the best way I can, as it may not be fully my debt of course I have to take responsibility because I was stupid enough to let it happen. So yeah you may have this that and the other but you may not ever own it remeber that when you look down on someone less fortunate, because you never know they may be better off than you. I’ll leave that there so you can think that over.



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