Very productive day, and bring on the healthy debates.

Hey peeps, hope everyone is good. I’ve had a pretty good day and worked like a fucker with the assistance of little George who done well to be fair. Even though it took him 6 years to change a marker light, just kidding george. Could have done a little bit more but time restrictions wouldn’t have allowed me to start and big jobs at the time I got my last job. Also Tom was a bit chatty today. We got onto the conversation of cabs not being safe to tild because drivers don’t tidy their shit up in the cab and it reminded me of a time many years ago I went out on a breakdown at Hilton park services on the M6 (might have been Frankly services on the M5, either way it doesn’t matter, it was at the services) I got to the job and as I got there the driver got back to the truck from inside. I needed to tilt the cab so asked him “is the cab safe to tilt?”, he said “yeah go for it”, so there I go tilting the cab. Suddendly the cab went all the way over, and guess what? We heard a big thud, windscreen smashed, and heard a muffled “ouch”. We looked at each other confused, his eyes then went wide open as he said “oh shit, thats my buddy”, I was like eh? So we opened the door and his buddy climbed out all disorientated and dazed. The driver then turned round to me and said “I thought he’d gone for food and a shit”, but obviously he was sparked out on the bunk (some scanias have 2 bunks, so he was obviously on the top bunk) at that I burst out laughing so did the driver, his buddy wasn’t so impressed but laughed it off. That was until they had to call their boss to get the windscreen people out to replace it. I then proceeded to fix the origional problem and left them to it with the biggest smile on my face as well as theirs.

There have been many windscreens accidents due to drivers not securing stuff in their cabs. I’ve seen T.Vs, DVD players, obviously people (as above), fridges, food, laptops, even a generator before now, and the most weird one was a sex toy and wank mags. Yeah I didn’t want to know that one either. Sometimes the screen smashes sometimes not. But a lot of the time there was property damage, but securing the cab is the drivers responsibility. Us as technicians cannot touch anything in the cab due to the fact if anything goes missing, we can’t get the blame. Yes this happens a lot, we get accused of stealing from trucks, this is why most refuse to move anything to save the windscreen. If the cab is empty and it’s silly things like a hard hat or a jacket or a bag ect. Then yes I do move a few things but we aren’t supposed too.

I posted a sensitive blog yesterday which I hope didn’t offend anyone. As I’ve said I’m not a writer and things may seem like I’ve wrote it wrong. But I will say I’m always neutral and will always put effort into looking at all angles before I have my opinion, and will even do some digging to prove my point but I’m not good with words but I know what I’m trying to say. My intentions are not to offend, but to educate and have my say the best way I can. I accept all criticism and any replied will always be approved, I need to learn how to change it so I don’t have to approve every comment. Everyone has their right to freedom of speech and I’m always open to a healthy debate, and I will never censor anyones comments and will always accept your opinions, and always open to change my mind if you want to try. Any sensitive blogs will always have a warning at the top. So anyone subjects your not into then please skip by. There will be plenty of sensitive content coming throug, and any views are my own, but as i will never block your free speech please don’t block mine. If i think your wrong in your comments I will still accept and I will debate with you (respectively) I will never argue with you and never say your wrong (again freedom of speech) but as I shall always show you respect, I expect to recieve the same level of respect.

Sorry I just had to put that as there will be plenty of debates going on in future and plenty of sensitive subjects. I’ll never shy away, i have a voice and I will use it, and i expect everyone who comes here to do the same. Also I will ALWAYS reply to everyone. So thank you again peeps for being a part of this time in my life. (Also this wasn’t aimed at anyone)



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