MUSIC, just pure music.

Hey peeps, I got lost in music again tonight. It tends to be happening a lot these days, like it has done in the past but it’s better now, sometimes it’s just pure heaven to stick them earphones in and turn off the lights, spark up a fag and close my eyes and drift into the lost land of music.

I think if you got something to say and don’t know how to say it, all you have to do is say it through a song. Be it your own or just a song you can relate too. If you send someone a song it can say what your meaning to say better than you can word it, I mean theres a load of great songs out there with a million meanings. Personally if I’m feeling emotional or depressed or happy and exctied, theres a song for that, there’s a song for every occasion. Now I cannot write a song, I’ve tried and failed (no you can’t see it, haha) but i can express myself through the choice of the millions of songs out there so easily. Songs by Chester Bennington, he was lead singer in linkin park and dead by sunrise, he’s the perfect example. He was depressed and he sung it through his songs, mostly in dead by sunrise (as he could sing his own songs instead of in linkin park he was singing his bands songs) he needed help and didn’t get the help he needed and we know how that ended, god rest his soul. So the only thing I can say is when someone is listening to a song listen to the message it may be their cry for help. If you can’t see this then your listening to the song your not hearing it. There is a big difference there, anyone can listen to a song, but in my experience only a very select few can hear a song. That being said there are a lot of songs these days that are just bullshit, theres no message there, its just a dickhead singing about guns, drugs and shagging. To them people and the listeners that listen to that shit i feel sorry for you. That being said I also envy you, because if you don’t get emotional from music then you haven’t had shit in you life. Everyone I know who’s had shit in their life listens to songs that mean something to them. I personally can tell how someone is feeling by what song they playing, that’s only because i do the same. A few times in my past when I’ve been down I’ve listened to devlin – Run away, if you know that song you know what i mean. Also ironik – stay with me, I want that as my final song when I reach that final resting moment. That song is just pure amazing. My grandads song for me is epica – tides of time and also Avenged sevenfold – so far away. This song sung by Avenged sevenfold was made for their drummer, The rev (who was one the best drumers ever by the way) who killed himself because he was depressed, but M shadows wrote this song (well pretty much the whole album Nightmare just after the rev took his own life) in his memory and his way of saying goodbye.

Music is just a doorway to someones soul. If you can hear a song you can look into the deepest darkest depths of a person. Even if that person doesn’t want you to see, you can tell a lot from a person by what they listen too. It’s a bit harder with me as my music spectrum is a very wide range, as I listen to almost every genre, but you will always know whats on my mind if you can hear what I’m listening too. There we go again I keep saying hear, I only just noticed. A lot of people say have you ever listened to so and so, I say have you ever heard this song. It’s so weird how different people can decipher a song too. I mean a certain song can mean so many different things to different people, but it still always has that single core value.

Music can also be a lifeline for people, I’ll tell your the truth, music has saved my life many times and stopped me making stupid decisions and helped me make the right ones. Music has had a massive influence in my life, certain songs that helped me through my depression mean the same thing to me now but also different at the same time, they remind me how strong I am now and the person I’ve become, but also reminds me of how strong I was back then to keep going even through my darkest moments, even through my lowest of the low moments. A lot of people have told me I’m a strong person, I never used to believe that but I do now. So yeah going off track (excuse the pun) I don’t know how to explain it better than that. Music gives life, saves lives and can also take lives. Yes you read that right, music is such a powerful tool, it can give hope but it can also take it away, it can show love but can also show hate, same with making you feel better or even worse. There is actually nothing more powerful than music. At least for me that is true. Music is my life source.



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