Happy sunday, and an awesome sunday at work.

Hey peeps, so happy sunday. Late one I know, but with working and seeing my son and being a long week i dropped off earlier and had a nap. Today at work was fun we had a laugh as well as got the work done. The supervisor was pretty awesome today too, like a totally different person, no stressing no bitching and chilled out. It was nice and JJ kept me entertained too, yes he turned up too. I done 2 MOT preps one will be finished tomorrow. So hopefully next week will be a good week too.

The park with my son was awesome, I always get emotional when I have to say goodbye. It kills me every time. He was picking a couple flowers for his mum at one point, he then picked one and gave it to a random woman standing near by haha, such a little charmer, he then walked away and said that lady was very pretty wasn’t she dad. He’s going to break hearts when he older, but I thought that was so sweet and cute. He definitely takes after his dad. We also found a random ball so we were kicking that about for ages, he loved it. He also turned round to me and said I got too much energy dad, I need to be out more don’t I? He cracks me up.

I’ve also got myself some fans. Yeah I’ve had a few people say to me that they are a fan of my blogs, and my website and to keep up the good work. So thanks peeps. It’s also mothers day next week so hope everyone is ready to show their appreciation to their mothers. Yes its the same as valentines day, just another way places make money. You should appreciate your mother everyday she carried you for months and months (Can’t say 9 months because I know from experience some people are premature), I for one will always love my mother unconditionally, but I’ll save that for next sunday.

Ok so this is 1st of 2 blogs today the other blog will be purely about my daughter as its her birthday today.



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