Sleepy afternoon, and talking Dr Who.

Hey peeps, I would have posted earlier but I been dropping off to sleep all afternoon. This week has got me good, and I agreed to work tomorrow too, that’s how busy we have been. I have enjoyed myself this week, when it’s quiet it’s boring and goes slow but this week has flown by. Today I’ve done a few services and one had a 2 axle brake reline, not done one of them for ages.

Also I just want to add latest update on how the site is going. I’ll do this once a week just to keep you regulars updated as I love it and I hope you do to.

Thats how many people have cone to my site so far. It’s been up and running for a month now so I think thats good going.

My brain isn’t working too well at the moment so I’m at my mum’s and going to have some food soon so maybe that’ll wake me up, and ill do a better blog later. I still havent even done my window tints yet, yes it’s lazy but as I said this week has knocked it out of me. Working tomorrow will make enough cash so I don’t have to do anymore overtime this month so that’ll help. Also from the end of this month we will have travel restrictions lifted so maybe can travel a bit better.

I been talking to someone about Dr Who today, I love Dr Who so i can talk about it all day. It’s hard to find someone who actually knows Dr Who like I do. Some may think its sad but i love it. There are also those who think they understand it but don’t. Anyway for me its a gateway to escape. It would be amazing to travel through time and space. Sounds geeky and dorky but I don’t care what people think, you probably already noticed that.

Other films and programmes I’m obsessed with are stuff like pirates of the carribean, Gone in 60 seconds is a favourite of mine, my ultimate film is Man on fire (Denzel Washington) that film is the best. I’m watching Cobra kai at the moment, spin off series from the karate kid from old school days. I’ve been really enjoying it but I’ve only got a couple episodes left. After thay I don’t know if ill watch sons of anarchy again or Dr Who from the start again, or something new. I’m not sure yet.



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