Truck rewire, and a proud moment at work.

Hey peeps, yeah its a late one i was making and eating camembert and bread, inlove that shit. Today was a good day. Remember this mornings blog when I was talking to you about wiring and shit, yeah well i got to work and pretty much had to rewire a truck front to back. Seriously that was fun, very fucking frustrating but the end result was worth it. I fixed them fucking lights. Some fool had wired it up and make a right mess and the wiring had rubbed through in the frame, so yeah that was fucked but gave me some joy for the day. It took most of my shift (only 7 hours today, its always 7 hours on a friday). I did a good job so I’m proud.

Sexy right?

Also remember the other day i was doing that clutch? And little Jack was helping/learning, well yeah today he done one on his own, so fair play and well done bro, im proud of ya kid. He done it with minimal assistance too so that was awesome to see. So today has been a good day we ended up having the last bit of time at end of shift having a group chat about past experiences, some bad some funny, mostly about some fucked up drivers but I wont go into that. Thats more stories for other blogs haha. There was a couple lads there with the supervisor so it was a nice end to a nice day.

I’m proper tired today the week has caught up with me, so it’ll be bed time for me. I hope everyone has had a good week and I hope your weekend will be even better.



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