New mini biography, the insight to a college student – Ella.

Hey peeps, tonights 1st post will be a mini biography from little georges missus Ella. I’ll admit I’ve not had to adjust or change anything so its technically an mini autobiography. Thank you Ella for taking time to do this in your busy schedule. Shes at college and faced challenges especially through this epidemic. Also being back to college coming Monday she’s had to concentrate on her college work, so thats why it’s taken a while for it to arrive but here it is peeps have a read.

So my name is Ella, I am 18 and I was originally born in North London but moved out to Norfolk when I was young. I first was living ‘out in the sticks’ but soon moved to a local ex-fishing town. I was always a real ‘tom-boy’ so loved dinosaurs and mud and being outside. Playing with the kids on my street is always something I enjoyed as it involved races and speed and just not having to pretend to be girly like I had to at school.
I enjoyed school although I suffered from incessant bullying. I’ve always liked my food, I’m a decent cook and can bake an ugly but tasty cake, but this led to me not being one of the skinny girls. This led to girls bullying me and me becoming really self-conscious about how I looked because of the toxic femininity I was surrounded by when not at home.
I was raised to treat others as you would like to be treated, not from a religious perspective because I am agnostic, but from a humanistic and moral one. Alas, this does not really work. When I look back, many events were cyclical and I could have avoided myself helping others and getting hurt again, but that’s life. I regret a lot of things from throughout my life; have and always will be too empathetic for my own good, but I am a real believer in ‘ I chose that, got to go with it’. I do not believe life is entirely deterministic, neither do I feel we have incessant free will, but I believe that everyone can and should be given the opportunities and support that can allow them to be who they ultimately want to be. ( Will save you my Labour party speech)
Although, amongst all of that, by the time I was 10 I realised the opportunities I had available to me. I had access to education. No one in my family has attended University; my parents do not have any form of GCSE, my brother only just, but I knew from watching the news and access to the internet via an old computer my Dad had picked up from a skip, that I could do it. From there, I worked hard to keep up with the naturally bright kids as things often do not come naturally to me and I have to really work to understand them. Alongside this, I had a lot of family issues which meant that neither school nor home was a good place to be,
But I moved on, I try not to think too much about the past and instead just look at the lessons it taught me – as corny as it may sound.
The last year or so has been difficult, as it has been for everyone, in relation to school especially. Throughout the first lockdown, I received no work from English, little from Geography and pages to highlight for Psychology. I only received video lessons from Psychology every fortnight and had to often email teachers to have any access to work. The government put in place no provisions for schools so teachers were not required to provide us with any form of teaching. Once we returned in September, all our predicted grades had been dropped. I had gone from AAB to BBB. I was not happy with this, but the government had issued it and teachers had to comply. My psychology teacher moved me back to an A after I spoke with her as I had completed work and assignments throughout lockdown, but English refused. Therefore I have been left to apply to Universities with lower grades than I initially had because our government are inept when it comes to governing.
Now, I am hopefully going to be attending University. I am yet to choose which to attend but it is between Royal Holloway and Birmingham. I will be studying Politics and Philosophy in order to have the necessary qualifications for either a humanitarian job working with an NGO or a more settled one such as the civil service or parliament – all hopes and dreams though but then life is about working towards goals.
My life may not have followed the simple path I hoped it would, but I know that change happens, and I know that if I work with the right people around me I will be able to make myself proud of what I have achieved.

So there we go peeps, and thank you Ella again for taking time to do this.





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