A little lesson, and a bit of controversy, and every life matters.

Good morning peeps, I didn’t do a blog last night as it was a rather late one. I didn’t finish till about half 12 so pretty tired, this week has been a bit mental. Last night I just ordered food I thought fuck it I’m not cooking at this time of night. Not the best idea when trying to save a bit of money but also why the fuck not. Food finally arrived at half past 1 but it was worth it.

Yesterday was just a bunch of services, big Jack helped me with a truck and trailer, well technically I helped him as he was given the jobs 1st but we worked as a team. That’s what I love about this place when someone needs help all they need to do is ask and someone is always there to help, and yesterday I done a lot of helping everyone was like Rob come help me, Rob come look at this, rob how do I sort this, don’tget me wrong it feels good to be asked and gives me a confidence boost because they trust me to help them but it’s hard work when your trying to get things done but i will mever ever say no to helping someone, but thats why noone says no to helping me when I need it. Yeah we joke about and say fuck off and play about saying we not going to help but as I said it’s always a joke and we always help each other, we are like a family. Hell we pretty much are a family, we spend more time with each other than we do with actual family, it’s crazy really when you think about it, we work together and we are all mates but we are also a family. The lads I work with are just cool. That also brings me to what I said in my post wednesday, you know the one where I stayed to help Malc, well he was at work till nearly 2am fixing that wiring. KBF they really done a number on that truck, and there was the same problem on another sister truck to that one. Art fixed that one but it was the exact same problem. The idiots used bullet connectorts (not heat shrink connectors) to fit in the additional side lights, which were positioned in a stupid place too. So yeah thats similar to leaving the wiring exposed, not a good idea, they just corrode and fuck up. Corrosion on wiring turns like a greeny blue colour and it pretty much end up like powder and can spread through the wire fast. Don’t quote me on it but may be something like 1cm per hour. So yeah it’s best to replace the whole cable but noone ever does really they just cut out the part that’s corroded and oxidized and reconnect, I do the same but if you had to change the whole cable every time it fucked up then it would become expensive and time consuming. So people generally just remove the affected wiring thats turned greeny blue and carry on. In the past (not where I am now) I’ve seen some shitty repairs like in a meter of cable I’ve seen like 20 heat shrink connectors, never let this happen it’s a bullshit repair and very stupid. I say stupid because each connector adds resistance so the part being powered will be less efficient, thats why some cables should never be repaired, like injector wiring and really sensor wiring, its not so bad if it’s lighting most lights on trucks these days are LED which draw less current. As a lot of trucks these days everything in turning digital and it’s annoying because you have to use the laptop to diagnose shit. I’m more old school and prefer to diagnose myself. But thats how the world is going.

Talking of how the world is going, have you heard about Mr Potato head? Oh shit sorry that politically incorrect, it’s now gender neutral potato head. Yeah what the fuck is that about? I’m not being funny but Mr potato head is not a fucking hit against anyones gender, there is a Mrs Potato head. Why is the world becoming fairies (not a sexist renart by the way) I mean come the fuck on people Mr potato head doesn’t even come with a penis attachment and Mrs potato head doesn’t come with a vagine attachment. They are fucking potatoes, get a fucking life. The world is going crazy (no offence to crazies). I’m not being judgemental or nasty in the slightest, I have gay, lesbian bisexual friends ect. Even they think this whole gender thing is getting out of hand. I miss it when it was simple, you was either gay (men liking men) or lesbian (women liking women) or bisexual (liking every sex). What was wrong with that? Now instead of LGBT you got the whole fucking alphabet to the point they changed it to LGBT+, not that ‘+’ covers a hell of a lot of things. Gender neutral, pansexual and a hell of a lot others I can’t remember but its becoming stupid now. STOP labeling everything. Everyone keeps saying they want to be accepted for who they are, well in all honesty your the ones seperating yourself. Anyone can be married in a church these days how much more acceptance do we all need, yes you may be gay, or lesbian or bisexual or trans or even gender neutral ect. Your still a person you need to accept that. Everyone is equal, black, white, brown, yellow even the blue people are equal. Racism is another one, yes racism is real (I’ll probably get some stick over this post but this is my view) and racism is a horrible thing. We all bleed red so we are all the same, if you get hurt, you hurt the same, if you cry you have the same tears, if you stub your toe your all going to say “AH FUCK” no matter what colour or race or gender or sexuality is. (Ill go into this in more detail in a seperate blog at some point I got my views on all this shit which is the view everyone should take) Everyone with a beating heart is the same now get over yourselves stop causing bullshit and just live side by side and grow the fuck up. Now this may upset a few people but fuck BLM yes I said it fuck BLM because we are all the same so EVLIMA (every life matters, tryi g to start a new hashtag to see if it works just for fun and ELM has been taken haha) everyone has the right to vote, everyone has the right to get a paid job, and everyone is treated the same its only individuals that are fucking stupid and racist and racism goes both ways people it goes white to black, black to white, it goes left to right and right to left so thats why i say EVLIMA. And i fucking done. There is too much to say about this so thats for another blog. Now don’t hate me because im the furthest thing from “racist” if you reat that properly im condeming racism but I’m also saying fuck this shit and end it now. Move on people this is a new world.

Oh nearly forgot another interview done, little George’s missus’ mini biography is coming soon, (yes im calling them mini biographies now)



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